The Cinegy Air PRO configuration tool can be started manually via the CinegyAirConfig.exe file from the installation folder or can be opened from Start > All Programs > Cinegy > Cinegy Air PRO Config.

The Cinegy Air control application can work in single channel, multi channel control mode or serve as an offline playlist editor.

For a product demo, set up the single channel configuration. For this select "Single channel control" from the "Application mode" drop-down list.
Air Single Channel Config
  1. Set up the video system, aspect ratio and audio level parameters.

    The video system frame rate should match the frame rate of the content to be used in the playlist.
  2. When the configurator is open for the first time, the "Active playlist" field is highlighted with a red box and the active playlist file with the *.MCRActive extension should be defined. Press the "…​" button on the right of that field and define the file name for an active playlist.

    An "Active playlist" location needs to be defined for Cinegy Air demo to work.
  3. Tick the "Local" checkbox if Cinegy Playout is installed and launched on the local computer. If several Cinegy Playout instances are started on the same server, you need to specify what instance will be used to process the specified playlist in the corresponding "#" field next to the server IP address.

  4. In the "CG Repository" field, specify the folder location where Cinegy Type and Titler templates are stored.

    This step is not required if you are not using Cinegy CG.
  5. Press "OK" to finish configuring the Cinegy Air control application.

    Cinegy Air PRO Config should look like the picture above with file locations and video system (resolution and frame rate) as well as aspect ratio set for a standard demo to work on the same computer. The "Collaborative Editing" option should be disabled.