This step is not required if you are using Cinegy Air on AWS.

The installation should be started on the computer where Cinegy Air will run.

Follow these steps to install the Cinegy Air PRO control application:

  1. Run the Setup.exe file from the "Cinegy Air PRO" folder of your Cinegy Air installation package. The "Cinegy Air PRO Setup" wizard appears. Press "Next" to proceed with the Cinegy Air PRO installation or "Cancel" to abort and exit the setup wizard.

  2. Read and accept the license agreement and proceed with installation.

  3. Press the "Browse" button to select the installation folder:

Air Installation Folder Selection
  1. The "Air PRO" component installation is enabled by default. Press the "Next" button to proceed. On the next step press the "Install" button to begin the installation. A progress bar will show the progress of the installation process.

  2. The wizard will inform you that the installation is complete. Press the "Finish" button to exit the setup wizard.


After installation, you will find the Cinegy Air PRO icon on your Windows desktop.