Cinegy Air performs video playout by acting as a TCP/IP-connected video "printer" offering its services in a network. The Cinegy Air broadcast automation software connects to the playout engine and instructs it what to "print" to air and when. Cinegy Air consists of two elements: Cinegy Air control application and Cinegy Playout. Cinegy Air control application provides a state-of-the-art interface for controlling a Cinegy Air service playout channel connected via TCP/IP. Cinegy Playout is responsible for sending the content prepared in the playlist control application to air.

There are two components to install: Cinegy Air control application and Cinegy Playout. Both of them are configured separately with their own configurators.

For a simple demo, install both Cinegy Air control application and Cinegy Playout on the same computer.

This quick guide takes you through the steps to get your Cinegy Air software up and running. The Cinegy Air PRO installation and single channel configuration instructions are given in the consecutive steps.

If you are using Cinegy Air on Amazon Web Services (AWS) then all installation and licencing steps have already been carried out. Please refer to step two for Cinegy Air configuration and step four for Cinegy Playout configuration.


  • Make sure the machine you are using has the required Microsoft Windows operating system installed along with the recommended service packs. Details for system recommendations are available here.

  • Check that any sets of custom codecs or fonts are installed on both the client and the playout server stations.

  • Download the latest Cinegy Air installation package. Copy the installers to a shared location in your network so that all client machines can access the package for convenient installation.

You must have at least local administrator rights for both computers (playout client station and playout server) to install Cinegy Air.