Collaboration mode enables multiple users with simultaneous remote access to the Cinegy Air active playlist. In this mode a master Cinegy Air station works in automatic mode, disabling all edit operations on that station.

When the Cinegy Air control application is set to work in collaboration mode, the following message will be displayed on its start:

Refer to the Collaboration Mode Configuration article for details on the collaboration mode configuration.

Changing the Playlist

Changing the currently active playlist in collaboration mode can be done remotely from the slave Cinegy Air station.

Locking for Edit

In order to start editing the playlist, select the "Collaborate" > "Lock for edit" command from the "File" main menu of the slave control station:


This will enable all the edit operations for the current client.

When the playlist is locked for editing on one slave Cinegy Air station, the "Lock for edit" operation is disabled for all the other slave Cinegy Air stations.

Information about the user having locked the playlist is shown in the Cinegy Air window caption:


Use the "Unlock" command in order to unlock the active playlist without sending updates to the master Cinegy Air server.

Approving the Changes

All the changes made to the playlist are shown to other users as they occur. These edits do not affect the playout and the active playlist content. In order to bring these changes to the active playlist, use the "Approve" command:


The updated active playlist will be immediately loaded to the playout server. This allows you to make further playlist editing at once.

Discarding the Changes

In order to cancel all the actions you made with the locked playlist, use the "Collaborate" > "Discard changes" command from the "File" main menu:


All the operations will be undone and the playlist will be unlocked for other users.