Cinegy Air can be launched in one of the following modes:


To configure Cinegy Air, run the Cinegy Air Configurator from your installation folder. The following configuration utility will be launched:


It contains three tabs:

  • Cinegy Air PRO

Here you can set up all necessary parameters and settings for Cinegy Air, such as application mode, video and audio properties, etc.

This settings tab is only available with the separate "Cinegy Air PRO Integration with NDS" plug-in installed on the current computer.

EPG and conditional access features provide broadcasting of additional information about a program schedule based on the currently used playlist. The EPG service is an additional productivity tool smoothly integrated with NDS. On this tab you can set up the EPG server parameters for integration with NDS.

Use this tab to configure the output parameters of the built-in clip viewer or set it to play via SDI.