Use this tab to define the output parameters of the built-in clip viewer.


Select the desired option from the "Desktop player" drop-down list:


"Standard desktop player" is set by default. Please only select "DVS desktop player" or "Blackmagic Design desktop player" when the board is physically present.

With "Standard desktop player", the deinterlacing is performed on your graphics card. The quality of deinterlacing depends on the card itself and its driver's settings.

However, you can switch deinterlacing permanently on or off, or deinterlace only in pause:

  • Deinterlace – use the drop-down list to select deinterlace type:

    deinterlace_always deinterlace_still deinterlace_never
    "Always" "Still" (paused) "Never"

  • Show Start/End Hints – enable/disable the start and end hints in clip viewer.

    Show_start_hint Show_end_hint
    "Start" hint "End" hint

  • Show Media Offline Hint – enable/disable the "Media offline" message for the Cinegy Archive items when media is offline but the database entry is still present.

With output set to “DVS desktop player” or “Blackmagic Design desktop player”, a drop-down list will appear allowing you to select the desired video format for the SDI output.


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