Playlist editor mode is designed for offline playlist preparation before sending the material to air in one of the control modes.

To activate this mode, select the "Playlist editor" from the "Application mode" drop-down list.


The following diagram represents the playlist editor mode setup:


Global Settings

Specify the interface language using the "Language" drop-down list.

The "Edit custom metadata" option defines whether user is allowed to edit custom metadata in the Cinegy Air playlist. If this option is not set, user can edit only the Name and Comments values. If this option is set, user can edit the playlist item description and any custom metadata fields.

If the built-in Cinegy Browser is not required in Cinegy Air and you also have Cinegy Desktop installed, select the "Don’t use Cinegy Browser" option.

In the "CG Repository" field, specify the folder location where Cinegy Type templates are stored.

Refer to the Creating a New Type Scene article within the Cinegy Type Manual to learn how to create Cinegy Type templates.

The audio matrix presets in XML format storage location can be defined in the "Audio Matrix presets" field.

If the audio matrix XML file cannot be found, opened or successfully processed, a warning prompt will be shown at the Cinegy Air startup. Cinegy Air control application will be loaded, but it will not be possible to change any audio matrices or audio encoding profiles. The valid audio matrix XML file should be specified in Cinegy Air configurator.

Aspect Ratio

There are two parameters defining the aspect ratio values of the items inserted into a playlist.

Using the "Default original aspect" drop-down list, define the original aspect ratio value to be used by default for the source files inserted into a playlist. To define the aspect ratio value automatically, choose "Auto".

In the "Default target aspect" drop-down list, choose the target aspect ratio to be applied to playlist items. Set this value to "Original" to keep the original aspect ratio of a playlist item. If the "Stretch" value is selected, the target video stream is stretched to fill the entire frame, no cropping is applied.

Collaborative Editing

Select the "Collaborative Editing" option to enable the collaboration mode for the slave Cinegy Air station.

Refer to the Collaboration Mode Configuration article to learn how to set up collaboration mode.

Sequence Compatibility

The Sequence compatibility parameter defines how to process Sequences without master audio tracks prepared in Cinegy Desktop 9.1 and earlier.

In the "Legacy sequence audio" drop-down list choose one of the following options:

  • Nothing – the individual master audio track is created for each audio track on Timeline:

  • Mix-down into S1 – all Timeline audio tracks are mixed into one master audio track:

  • Mix-down into S1 and S2 – the first two timeline audio tracks are mixed into the first master output track; all other audio tracks are mixed into the second master output track: