The MCRitem is an XML file that defines a separate playback element in the playlist with the set of metadata that describes the given item. It can represent a simple clip or a comprehensive Sequence with titlers, effects, pictures and voice-overs inside. The MCRitem also includes descriptive metadata (name, description, comment) and the data, defining the processing and display of the given item.

This allows you to send a prepared Sequence directly to the playlist from your Cinegy Desktop without rendering the media file. The rendering will be performed on-the-fly.

To create an MCRitem, follow the steps:

  1. Create a shared folder (e.g. Inventory) where the *.MCRitems will be stored.

  2. Open the Cinegy Desktop application:

    Refer to the Cinegy Desktop Manual to learn how to work with this product.
  3. Select the desired Sequence or clip from the Roll/ClipBin and choose the "Send to inventory…​" command from the context menu:


    The common "Save as" dialog box appears:


    Navigate to your dedicated inventory folder and enter a file name into the text field.

  4. Press the "Save" button to create the ".MCRitem" file with the name you specified.

Use integrated Inventory Browser in file browser mode to add *.MCRitem(s) to a Cinegy Air playlist.

Refer to the Adding Items to Playlist article to learn how to add *.MCRitems to Cinegy Air playlist.