Cinegy Air uses the following file extensions:

  • *.MCRitem – an item file created from a Sequence or clip from a ClipBin or Roll in Cinegy Desktop via the "Send to inventory…​" command.

  • *.MCRlist – a playlist file. This file is created when you are saving your playlist in playlist editor mode.

  • *.MCRactive – an active playlist file. The "*.MCRactive" file is a unique file. Once you add an item to the current on-air playlist in one of the control modes of the Cinegy Air control application, it will be automatically saved with the *.MCRactive extension in the folder specified via the Cinegy Air Configurator. A backup of the active playlist is saved in a ".bak" file automatically. When you launch Cinegy Air in one of the control modes, the active playlist will be restored from the "*.MCRactive" file.

  • *.MCRactive.edit or *.MCRlist.edit – a playlist file created when you have made some changes to the collaborated playlist that are not approved for the active playlist.

  • *.MCRactive.approved or *.MCRlist.approved – a playlist file created when the edits you have done to the collaborated playlist are approved to the active playlist.

Information about handling these files is given in the Handling Items article.