Playlist Line Numbering

The lines are numbered in a playlist table for your convenience:



The "Find" command is used to search for specified material within the playlist. To launch the "Find" dialog, select the "Find..." command from the "Edit" main menu or press the <Ctrl+F> keyboard shortcut assigned by default. The "Find" dialog appears:


Here specify the following parameters:

  • Find what – enter the text you want to search for.

  • Look in – use the pull-down list to choose one of the following options: Block, Name, Description, Comment, or All Fields.

  • Match whole word only – check this option to search for the whole word only.

  • Match case – check this option to consider the text case when searching.

  • Direction – select the direction of the search by setting the "Up" or "Down" radio buttons.

Having defined the parameters for the search, press the "Find next" button to start searching. To cancel a search in progress, press the "Cancel" button. The following window will appear, informing you when the search process is complete:


Find Source

To find the item source, select the desired item in the playlist and select the "Find source" command from the "Item" main menu. When the item source is found, the corresponding folder will be opened in the Windows Explorer, and the actual item will be highlighted.

If the item source cannot be found in the Windows Explorer, an error occurs:


Next and Previous Items

 text 2B displayed insted  text 2B displayed insted For easy navigation through the playlist, use the "Next" and "Prev" buttons or the keyboard arrow keys ↑ and ↓. To quickly move the item selection from any position to the top or bottom of the playlist, useor. You can toggle between columns with the <Tab> key.
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