A playlist is a kind of vertical cascaded timeline divided into separate programs. Each program contains from one to several blocks which are logical groupings of Cinegy Air playlist items.

When you launch Cinegy Air in playlist editor mode, a new program containing an empty block appears in the playlist by default:


Every program displays the broadcasting date information depending on the start time and duration values of all the previous items.

Creating a New Playlist

Select the "New…​" command from the "File" main menu to create a new playlist or press the Ctrl+N keyboard shortcut assigned by default:


You will be prompted to save the current playlist (if there are any unsaved changes) before creating a playlist.

The following dialog box appears, allowing you to define the new playlist parameters:


Select the appropriate settings for the video system and the aspect ratio and then press "OK". The newly created playlist appears as a program that consists only of one block containing an item named <empty> by default. This item is displayed in red and has zero duration: