To open an existing playlist, use the "Open…​" command from the "File" main menu or press the Crtl+O keyboard shortcut assigned by default:


Navigate to the playlist file location. Select the "*.MCRlist" file and press "Open". All items saved on the playlist will appear in the playlist panel.

You will be prompted to save the current playlist before opening a new one.

Opening Recent

To open a recently used playlist, use the "Open recent" command from the "File" main menu:


Inserting a Playlist

To insert another playlist after a selected item, choose the "Insert the playlist after…" command from the context menu or "File" main menu. The standard "Open" dialog box appears. Browse to the desired file and press "Open" to add the playlist. It will be inserted after the selected item.

When a playlist is appended via the "Insert the playlist after…" command and it contains an item which will override the item being currently on-air, the following warning message will be shown:


A similar warning message appears in case you are trying to load a new playlist via the Cinegy Air PRO Configurator, and the item being currently on-air is not present in it or has a different start time:


Connection is postponed until positive confirmation is received.