To save the current playlist, choose the "Save" command from the "File" main menu or press the Crtl+S keyboard shortcut assigned by default:


The common "Save as…​" dialog box appears. Navigate to the desired location and enter a playlist name. The file will be saved as an "MCRlist" file.

The playlist name will be displayed in the Cinegy Air window caption.

To save the playlist with a different name or in a different location, use the "Save as…​" command.

Export Opt-Out Playlist

The playlist containing opt-out blocks can be exported for opt-out servers. For this use the "Export opt-out playlist…​" command from "File" main menu.


The common "Save as" dialog will appear where you can specify the opt-out playlist name.

In the exported playlist, opt-out blocks are cleared and marked as empty. All items outside opt-out blocks are replaced with live items (one per block), preserving their duration.