The Cinegy Event Manager configurator can be launched from Start > All Programs > Cinegy > Cinegy Event Manager > Event Manager Config.


To configure the specified device, select it from the list of supported plug-ins and press the "Setup…​" button.

Each device should be configured individually. The current settings of the selected devices are displayed within the "Info" field.

Select the "Active" checkbox to activate the selected plug-in.



Here enter via the keyboard the switcher IP, default video and audio level values, and default A/V output value. Select the protocol type (NVEP or NVISION9000) from the corresponding drop-down list.

Press the "Check Router" button to check the NVISION router state.

Press "OK" to finish the NVISION Router setup.

Cinegy Route


Select the "Active" option; then press the "Setup" button. In the configuration window that appears, select the corresponding options to define the following parameters:

  • Default Route Server – default host link to be used by the Cinegy Route plug-in.

  • Default Stream Switcher Server – the machine where Cinegy Stream Switcher service is installed. Enter the computer name via the keyboard or use the "…​" button and select it from the list of available computers in the network.

  • Port – the Cinegy Stream Switcher control port.

In the "Default Channel" field define the default channel (by zero-based numerical index) to address.

Refer to this article for more information on configuring Cinegy Stream Switcher.

Evertz Router


Here enter the primary and secondary (if available) switcher control interface IPs and define their connection port numbers.

In the "Timeout" field define the time interval in seconds for Evertz Router to report a successful command completion; otherwise, an error is reported into Event Service log file.

In the "Heartbeat" field specify the time interval in seconds for event handler plug-in to report its status into the Event Service log file.

Select the "Check router on every heartbeat" option to additionally enable the Evertz Router status check-out. Having configured Evertz Router setup, press "Ok" to save the changes.

Common GPI Device


Choose the required device from the drop-down list. For the SeaLink device define the card number (from 0 to 7) to be used to connect the GPI device. For the SeaI/O-530E card model define the "Default Slave ID" parameter and the protocol; then press the "OK" button.

The GPI SeaI/O-530E board support is currently in beta stage.
For the list of supported GPI video boards refer to the Cinegy Air System Recommendations.

UTAH Scientific


Use the keyboard to define the switcher IP to be used to connect the UTAH300 Router and default level. Choose the required Router interface type (MX, PL or Unet) from the corresponding drop-down list.

Press the "Check Router" button to check the UTAH300 Router state.

Press "OK" to finish the UTAH300 Router setup.

VikinX Series


Here define the COM port number (from 1 to 8) to be used to connect the VikinX device and press "OK".

Kramer Devices

Port 1 is used to connect the Kramer device by default and cannot be changed.

Blackmagic Videohub


Use the keyboard to enter the main unit address and modify its port number, if needed. To enable the second unit, select the corresponding checkbox and define its parameters as it is described for the main unit.

To duplicate commands on the second unit automatically, select the corresponding checkbox.

Define the desired connection timeout interval in milliseconds.

Press "OK" to finish the Blackmagic Videohub device setup.

Guramex Switcher


Using the keyboard enter the switcher IP to be used for connection to Guramex Switcher.

In the "Heartbeat" field specify the time interval in seconds for the event handler plug-in status to be reported into the Event Service log file.

Leaving the "Check router on every heartbeat" option selected will additionally enable the Guramex Switcher status check-out.

Press "Ok" to apply the changes.

Cavena Subtitling Control

This functionality is in beta stage.

Cinegy HTTP Data Repeater Event Plugin


Here define the URL (e.g. to be used for HTTP POSTs.

Harris Router


Here enter the Harris Router address and port number. If Cinegy Event Manager is installed locally, "localhost" is defined by default.

Also enter the login credentials and the desired heartbeat interval in seconds.

Select the "Pass-Through Protocol" checkbox to switch protocol type from terminal to pass-through.

Press "OK" to finish the Harris Router setup.