Cinegy Playout bridges the gap between SDI into IP, allowing cross-conversion between baseband and modern IP streams, supporting SD or HD-SDI conversions to or from MPEG Transport Streams (TS) in MPEG-2 or H.264. Cinegy Playout can enable video and audio transport across standard Ethernet networks over UDP packets either as one-to-one (unicast) or one-to-many (multicast) transmissions.

As well as supporting medium conversion, Cinegy Playout can be used to perform other adjustment operations, such as codec conversion, frame raster conversion for operations like HD to SD downscaling, audio remapping or remixing, or Dolby® Digital surround encoding or decoding as well as Dolby® E encoding.

Finally, Cinegy Playout is integrated directly with Cinegy Route, allowing selectable, switchable input IP streams from the Route Control panel, bringing total flexibility and workflows that can map directly from the traditional routed SDI world.



  • Encode SD or HD-SDI to H.264 or MPEG-2 RTP or vice versa

  • RTP or UDP IP support containing MPEG-2 Transport Stream (TS)

  • Decode from Multi-Program TS with individual program selection

  • Up to 16 encoders in a box or virtual machine

  • SD, HD and Ultra HD (4K) support

  • Real-time SDI or IP up/downscaling

  • Multichannel output and SD/HD/UHD simulcast *

  • Dolby® Digital encoding and decoding *

  • Dolby® E encoding *

  • Up to 64 audio channels mixing / processing per encoder

  • Graphics overlay with Cinegy Type / Cinegy Titler *

* Requires a dedicated product or license option.

This quick guide takes you through the steps to set up Cinegy Playout:

The process of Cinegy Playout installation and configuration is identical to the one of Cinegy Encode.


  • Make sure the machine you are using has the required Microsoft Windows operating system installed along with the recommended service packs. Details for system recommendations are available here.

  • Download the latest Cinegy Playout installation package. Copy and unpack the installer to a shared location in your network so that all client machines can access the package for convenient installation.

You must have at least local administrator rights to install Cinegy Playout.