Release Notes

Cinegy Air 11.4

Cinegy Air Release: 11.4

Cinegy Air Build:

Cinegy Titler Build:

Release Date: March 9, 2018

Compatible with: Cinegy Desktop 10.X

Major Improvements

Cinegy Playout

  • fixed Cinegy Titler color balance producing tint on output when rendering some CinTitle plates

  • fixed proxy failure for MCRitem with dropouts in .m2v source

  • fixed incorrect appearance of embedded double quotes in activity logs

  • fixed black picture display for 3rd frame from the end in clip preview

Cinegy Air PRO

  • fixed incorrect duration display of .dv files in NTSC format

  • fixed incorrect selection items display during automatic deletion

  • fixed occasional disappearing of clocked items with zero start time after Cinegy Air Control application restart

  • fixed BlackMagic VideoHub event handler crash

Cinegy Titler

  • added files linking parameters for plate object

  • implemented exit loop command for Titler-based scenes

  • fixed pulsation at the scene end during playback of some specific CinTitle templates

Known Limitations

These limitations will be addressed in the next releases.
  • There is a problem with AJA drivers 12.5.1 installation on Windows 7 x64. The problem is reported to AJA Development and awaits feedback.

Cinegy Air 11.3

Cinegy Air Release: 11.3

Cinegy Air Build:

Cinegy Titler Build:

Release Date: December 28, 2017

Compatible with: Cinegy Desktop 10.X

Major Improvements

Cinegy Playout

  • improved "High quality" proxy preset profile

  • added support for CBET Nielsen Watermark

  • improved SD material playback on HD channel

  • fixed processing of the defined audio allocation

  • fixed frame skipping on AJA LHe+ with latest drivers

  • fixed reading specific customer’s files (Media offline at the end)

  • fixed signal distortion on DVS Atomix LT input

  • improved processing of media files with broken indexes

  • improved switching to RTP Live input signal

  • fixed problem with white noise on input

  • improved the AAC audio encoder behaviour on low bitrates

Cinegy Air PRO

  • added timecode mode support for on-air item

  • implemented "Play 5 seconds from In/Out points" commands for Clip Viewer

  • improved display of timecode during playback in Clip Viewer

  • fixed incorrect display of placeholders in the playlist

  • increased "Favorites" secondary events up to 1000

  • fixed calculation of specific MP4 files duration (doubled duration of audio track)

  • improved Audio meter indications

  • fixed question marks in logs for Arabic names

  • fixed crashing upon opening some files in File Browser

Cinegy Studio PRO

  • added playback support while ingesting

  • implemented "Load selected" shortcut, triggered by double-click action

  • implemented switching between Type and Titler Graphics by introducing the "CG mode" parameter

  • fixed disconnection breaks in Studio when recording is stopped in Cinegy Capture via the same CAS

Cinegy CG

  • added "Exit Loop" command for Cinegy Titler

Cinegy Type

  • fixed incorrect warning message about missed media when all files are present

  • fixed the "<" and ">" symbols rendering inside Arabic text

Cinegy Titler

  • added toolbar for Titler objects

  • added icons for effects and parameters

  • added support for "Subtitles" objects

  • implemented "Lock" and "Unlock" object commands

  • implemented "Hide" and "Show" object commands

  • added shortcuts for quick Zoom In and Zoom Out

  • added vertical splitter in timeline

  • added various UI improvements and fixes

Cinegy Event Manager

  • added Cavena plugin (beta)

  • supported GPI SeaI/O-530E card (beta)

Cinegy Prompter

  • fixed automatic launch of "Cinegy Prompter Configurator" dialog on startup for user with administrator rights

Known Limitations

These limitations will be addressed in the next releases.
  • Closed Captions, OP47 teletext and custom RTP labels are destroyed by NVidia GPU encoder set to B frames.

  • Flickering and other artefacts appear in MPEG-2 RTP output when the stream bitrate is set to extremely low value.

  • The visual switch of the selected item may temporary appear when "Auto delete" feature is enabled. The issue does not affect the functionality and general workflow.

Cinegy Air 11.2

Cinegy Air Release: 11.2

Cinegy Air Build:

Cinegy Titler Build:

Release Date: September 13, 2017

Compatible with: Cinegy Desktop 10.X

This release requires AJA driver update to version 12.5.1.
The playlist created/opened using the latest Air 11.2 version is not compatible with Air 11.1.
The given note is topical for Nielsen Watermarking plugin users. This version of Cinegy Air uses the 4.2.1 Nielsen SDK version. This SDK version now requires that the customer provides proof of certification, in the form of a license file, to be added to the Cinegy Playout Engine installation folder. If you have not passed formal certification and do not have this file, please do not install this release version and contact your Nielsen or Cinegy representatives to discuss certification. A test license can be provided for evaluation which will insert standard test identifiers.

Major Improvements

Cinegy Playout

  • officially released Cinegy Titler CG and channel branding option

  • added AJA Kona IP board support

  • fixed burn-in subtitles aspect ratio issue

  • added option to respect the timecode values from SRT/STL files

  • added target aspect setting for live pass-through mode (Cinegy Encode)

  • implemented secondary events triggering defined for live event when the engine switches to live on start

  • added an option to include the opt-out block duration with the SCTE-35 splice event

  • improved the specific MXF files processing

  • fixed the specific AVC-Intra MXF files processing

  • improved the specific MOV/MP4 files processing

  • fixed the Nielsen Watermarking encoding issue

  • fixed problems with subtitle burn-in with offsets and drop-frame

  • HEVC encoding with later NVidia drivers is fixed

  • HEVC decoding with pyramidal B-frame encoding is fixed

  • implemented various fixes for issues with AJA audio after introduction of 12.5 drivers

Cinegy Air PRO

  • implemented multi-selection for secondary events

  • implemented the proper handling of secondary events by clip split function

  • various performance enhancements

  • fixed Cinegy Type several templates preview on the single layer

  • fixed copy/cut/delete keyboard shortcuts for secondary events

  • fixed freezes for playlist items that contain non-text ASCII symbols in the name/description/comment

  • fixed expired items deletion when the playlist contains looped items

  • fixed the selected item positioning when expired items are automatically deleted

  • fixed playlist updates after "Save as" command execution

  • fixed the upload playlist issue when any exception happened

  • fixed occasional freezes during drag-and-drop operations

  • fixed occasional freezes during live items insertion

  • fixed issues with in/out markers at 59.94 rates during clip insertion

  • fixed issue with disappearing of audio meters when a large number of engines is controlled

Cinegy Studio PRO

  • implemented only the events display for the configured and connected devices

  • introduced an option to display all events regardless of the configuration and connection

  • implemented Cinegy Capture Engine control from Cinegy Studio PRO

  • introduced playlist loop function

  • added new shortcut to start a selected playlist item

  • added new shortcut to cue the first item in the playlist

  • implemented keyboard controlled trick playback support for Video 1/2/3 devices

  • introduced improvements to Cinegy Capture integration

  • added support for Titler as CG engine

Cinegy CG

  • added "Clear" allowing to unload a template from the selected layer

  • added a new checkbox to the application settings allowing to disable the Update section

Cinegy Type

  • implemented the display of live video items as checkerboard rectangles

  • fixed old Type templates processing

Cinegy Titler

  • included new Cinegy Titler editor into the Cinegy Air PRO Bundle package

  • implemented most Cinegy Type features

  • introduced Cinegy Type scene import function

  • implemented burn-in subtitle generation via STL/SRT file import

Cinegy Event Manager

  • added Evertz routers support

  • added Guramex routers support

  • introduced custom mode for NVision routers

  • fixed various UI glitches and zoom behaviours

Cinegy Prompter

  • added NVidia offloaded RTP output encoding

  • introduced user-independent settings

Known Limitations

These limitations will be addressed in the next releases.
  • Under specific conditions, where mute items such as pictures precede playout of normal audible clip items, audio can fail to output for the audible element via RTP output when using the AAC audio codec.

  • Closed Captions, OP47 teletext and custom RTP labels are destroyed by NVidia GPU encoder set to B frames.

  • Flickering and other artefacts appear in MPEG-2 RTP output when the stream bitrate is set to extremely low value.

Cinegy Air 11.1

Cinegy Air Release: 11.1

Cinegy Air Build:

Release Date: February 1, 2017

Compatible with: Cinegy Desktop 10.X

Major Improvements

Cinegy Playout

  • various issues with some specific MP4, MOV and MPG4 files are fixed

Cinegy Air PRO

  • the 64-bit application is introduced

  • a confirmation dialog is displayed if the appended playlist is going to interrupt the playback

  • improved performance with multiple channels sharing one playlist

  • automatic playlist append function is implemented

  • a notification on application start is displayed whenever collaboration mode is enabled

  • the built-in clip viewer now renders Cinegy Type and Cinegy Titler secondary events as long as they belong to the item mark In/Out range

  • the name of a Live item with an edited stream URL is now preserved between sessions

  • drag-and-drop of RTP/UDP URLs in Live item properties is now supported

  • audio volume level is now preserved on playout restart

  • the application now automatically restores the playlist from backup if the main file is broken

  • Cinegy Archive preset metadata is copied to the playlist as editable strings

Cinegy Studio PRO

  • a new shortcut allowing to start all cued items simultaneously is implemented

  • TXT, RTF, DOC and DOCX files can be dragged-and-dropped directly into the playlist as items for Cinegy Prompter

  • the application now connects to only those devices which are configured and made visible in UI

  • a "local" checkbox is added to every device in the configurator

  • default layouts are included

Cinegy Type

  • digital clock formatting options are extended

  • countdown timer can now be linked to a fixed date or specific playlist item

  • image size is now preserved correctly when using value replacement

Cinegy EAS Gateway

  • secondary events control via HTTP server is supported

  • inbound audio presence checks are implemented

Known Limitations

These limitations will be addressed in the next releases.
  • Closed Captions, OP47 teletext and custom RTP labels are destroyed by NVidia GPU encoder set to B frames.

  • Flickering and other artefacts appear in MPEG-2 RTP output when the stream bitrate is set to extremely low value.

Cinegy Air 11.0

Cinegy Air Release: 11.0

Cinegy Air Build:

Release Date: September 1, 2016

Compatible with: Cinegy Desktop 10.X

Cinegy Air 11 is a major new update to the Cinegy Air platform, with numerous new features. As with every major release of software, we have worked hard at Cinegy to ensure that this release is tested and proven stable. Nevertheless, we would recommend all customers take care to review this software version before replacing broadcast critical on-air systems and evaluate the changes in functionality carefully. We hope you enjoy this new software, please take a moment to review the long list of improvements and changes below.

Major Improvements

Cinegy Playout

  • 50/60 fps HD and UHD TV formats are supported

  • Dolby® E encoding and decoding is now supported (certification pending)

  • a simple R128 loudness limiter is introduced

  • NVidia GPU accelerated H.264 and HEVC streaming is implemented

  • AJA Corvid 44 board and Deltacast 3G boards are supported

  • "Bypass" function will now connect the default instance input with all outputs once invoked

  • real-time preview of a cued live item is generated and visible in all control panels

  • MXF embedded OP42/47 subtitles are encoded into RTP and HD-SDI outputs as DVB teletext

  • OP47 teletext live pass-through is implemented for RTP and HD-SDI

  • proxy settings are simplified and proxy presets are introduced

  • Key&Fill mode is supported with AJA and Blackmagic Design SDI boards

  • shared RAM I/O is introduced to let multiple Cinegy products exchange uncompressed real-time video feeds within the same machine

  • HTTP API is extended to expose Bypass, CG Off and Black switches and direct access to Cinegy Type subsystem

  • H.264 CPU or GPU based preview is introduced

  • 3rd party EPG integration is implemented

  • XAVC and AVCI decoding and playback is improved

  • DNxHD playback is now available with no additional installation required

  • next generation hardware-independent channel branding option Cinegy Titler is introduced

With this release, Cinegy Titler is provided strictly for experimental purposes, i.e. very intensive testing is required prior to any live application. The Cinegy Titler creative tool is only available to customers with valid Service Level Agreement (SLA). Please contact your Cinegy sales representative for details and further guidance.

Cinegy Air PRO and SOLO

  • user interface has been made customizable and is optimized for better compatibility with Windows 10 desktop scaling settings and UHD screens

  • once connection to playout engines is lost, application will keep trying to reconnect automatically

  • gang control of multiple channels sharing the same playlist is implemented

  • Dolby® E encoder in Audio Profile Editor is supported

  • currently playing item can now be split or its mark out point can be changed

  • batch replace/update with <Ctrl/Alt>+drag-and-drop is introduced

  • dummy items can now have In/Out points and metadata

  • the marker indicating the point of interruption for unfinished items is preserved regardless of the next item start method

  • time counters to monitor automatic opt-out and multichannel variation content per hour are introduced

  • new keyboard shortcuts for real-time audio volume control are supported

  • drag-and-drop insert function is now supported for MCRList playlists

  • the NDS Integration installer is removed from the Air PRO package and only available on request

Cinegy Studio PRO and SOLO

  • user interface has been optimized for better compatibility with Windows 10 desktop scaling settings and UHD screens

  • vertical and horizontal timeline views are introduced

  • Media Pool is made a part of the Rundown panel thus enabling simultaneous display of Media Pool and Inventory Browser

  • "On Air" mode and rundown timers are streamlined and simplified

  • multiple items can now be copied, their start triggers changed and "favorite" secondary events inserted simultaneously

  • switching of currently played item end trigger, between "loop" and "play once", is now available

  • Graphics scene countdown timer behavior is improved

  • a "Reset" button to cancel the current on-air item is added to Video 1-3 and Prompter panels

  • Cinegy Studio Legacy is discontinued and removed from the Studio PRO installation package

Cinegy Air PRO and Studio PRO

  • clip preview option via Blackmagic Design and DVS boards is implemented

Cinegy Type

  • Cinegy Type Studio control panel is rebranded to Cinegy CG and now has a dedicated installer within the Cinegy Air PRO package

  • the Cinegy CG application can now be configured to control more than two Cinegy Playout engines

  • Cinegy Titler scenes are now supported in Cinegy CG control panel

  • "Exit loop" function for Cinegy Type is implemented in Cinegy Air, Cinegy Studio and Cinegy CG applications

  • "Mute" button is added to the Cinegy CG user interface

  • Cinegy Type root path override option is added to the scene preview window in Cinegy CG and Cinegy Air

  • path to a text file sourcing variable is not displayed when unavailable

  • anamorphic scaling is implemented

  • Cinegy Type installer incorporating Type editor tool is made a part of Air PRO package

  • the right-to-left languages support is improved

  • automatic word wrapping can be now deactivated

Cinegy Prompter

  • a stream name can be embedded into the RTP output allowing Cinegy Multiviewer to display it in UMD

Cinegy EAS Gateway

  • GPIO inputs on Digigram boards are now supported for receiving STOP messages from 3rd party EAS units

  • EAS Gateway installer is removed from the Cinegy Air PRO package and is only available on request