There are two packages to install: Cinegy Studio and Cinegy Playout. Both of them are configured separately with their own configurators.

For a simple demo, install both Cinegy Studio and Cinegy Playout on the same computer.

The Cinegy Studio PRO installation and simple configuration instructions are given in this document. This quick guide takes you through the steps to get your Cinegy Studio software up and running:


  • Make sure the required Microsoft Windows operating system is installed on the machine(s) you are using along with the recommended service packs. Details for system recommendations are available here.

  • Check whether the custom codecs and fonts are installed on the machine(s) used as client and playout server stations.

  • Download the latest Cinegy Air PRO. Depending on the type of the operating system you are using (32-bit or 64-bit), download the corresponding Cinegy Playout installation package. Copy and extract the package contents to a shared local folder or network location for convenient installation on all client machines.

Local administrator rights are required for both Cinegy Studio and Cinegy Playout installation.