Operating Cinegy Studio

For complete description of Cinegy Studio operation, please refer to the Cinegy Studio Manual.

When launched for the first time, Cinegy Studio has blank interface allowing its adjustment according to your requirements.

To enable the layout management mode, use the "Edit Layout" command from the "View" main menu:


To enable the display of the Cinegy Studio layout components and devices panels, use the corresponding options from the context menu in layout editing mode:


For example, enable the Rundown and Video 1 device panels display. Once the layout is composed, use the "Apply Layout" command from the "View" main menu to apply the changes and exit layout editing mode. The adjusted layout now allows operating Cinegy Studio.

Press the "Open" button on the Rundown panel and specify the playlist name and location of a new playlist. To fill it with the content in Cinegy Studio supported formats, simply drag-and-drop the item(s) from the File Explorer:


Alternatively, you can add items to the playlist via the "Insert" command from the context menu or the "Item" main menu as well as via the built-in browser.

Items to be added to the playlist should have the TV format consistent with the video system defined via the Cinegy Studio configurator.

Select a playlist item, use the "Cue Selected" command from the "Playout" main menu, and then press the play_button button on the video device panel to send it to air.

Automatic Cinegy Playout Launch

To see and control the status of all instances, right-click the icon in the taskbar and select the "Show Dashboard" command:


The following Cinegy Playout Dashboard window will appear:


Here you can see the control monitors of all Cinegy Playout instances. Each instance can be started/stopped individually.


Press the "Start" button to start the specified instance broadcasting.


Press the "Stop" button to stop the specified instance broadcasting.


Press the "Restart" button to restart the specified instance broadcasting.

The engine status is indicated with the following color coding:


The green indicator shows that the engine is connected and running.


The red indicator shows that a crash has occurred during playout with automatic restart.


The gray indicator shows that the engine is stopped.

blinking / blinking

The blinking red indicator appears when the engine status is "Failed" (the specified engine has not been properly configured or some license is missing).

To exit the application, use the "Exit" command. To launch the engine again, run the PlayoutDashboard.exe file from your Cinegy Playout installation folder.

Since "Screen Output" is defined as the output device for your demo, the item that is currently on-air will be played in the "Screen Output" window: