For complete description of Cinegy Playout configuration, please refer to the Cinegy Playout Manual.

Several Cinegy Playout instances can be started on the same machine. Using the Cinegy Playout Configurator you can add/remove Cinegy Playout instances and configure each of them individually.

To open the Cinegy Playout Configuration tool manually, right-click the icon in the taskbar and use the "Open configuration utility" command:


The following Cinegy Playout configuration dialog appears:


Select any "Free" instance and press the "Configure…​" button.

A separate license should be purchased for each Cinegy Playout instance.

On the "General" tab, specify the instance name:


All other parameters on this tab are optional.

On the "Licensing" tab, select the "Cinegy Studio PRO Advanced Production Control" connection:


On the "Playback" tab, define the basic TV video format system to be used for broadcasting; set one or several channels:

For a simple demo with input from files on the computer, do not define any input devices. To show output on screen, define "Screen Output" as the output device.

The default settings on all other tabs can be left without changes.

Once Cinegy Playout is configured for a demo according to instructions given in Step Five and Cinegy Playout is started, the output is shown as a blue window with "Cinegy Demo Version" imprinted in the center.