The Cinegy Studio configuration tool can be opened from Start > All Programs > Cinegy > Cinegy Studio PRO > Cinegy Studio PRO Config.

The configuration procedure consists of two stages: defining the general settings and configuring devices. The general settings have to be specified on the "General" tab:

For a simple demo, configure Cinegy Studio to work in standalone mode by selecting the standalone Rundown source. Other modes configuration is described in the Cinegy Studio Manual.

All the available devices settings are divided into groups on the "Devices" tab:


Configure a video device by selecting the "Engine" checkbox to enable the playout server. Use the audio_level_arrow_up and audio_level_arrow_down buttons or the keyboard to specify the number of the configured engine instance to be used for playout.

For a simple demo, enable only one Video device. Description of all devices is given in the Cinegy Studio Manual.