Macros are used to retrieve metadata from programs and playlist items in Cinegy Air PRO to be substituted for the Cinegy Titler text objects values.

This can be very useful for scenarios like "Coming next" or "Now playing".


General Macro Syntax

The general macro code syntax is as follows:



<source> – specifies the container/item type to retrieve the specified metadata from. Playlist items and programs are currently supported.

<data> – specifies the metadata field to retrieve the data from. The following fields are supported: name, description, comment (for items), and start time.

For example:


The item or program start time macro is available in several variants:

${source.time} – show hours and minutes (the same macro as

${source.time.h} – show hours only

${} – show hours and minutes

${source.time.hms} – show hours, minutes, and seconds

It is possible to specify the relative number of the container/item, from which the data should be retrieved, in the following format:


where n is any positive number for programs. For items, this value can only equal 1.

Specifying the <source> parameter is not obligatory. When it is not specified, the data will be retrieved from the item.

For example:


In this case, the macro will return the item description.

Custom Metadata in Macros

Custom metadata fields are also supported. For example, to retrieve the value of the "Notes" custom field for the specified item, the syntax should be as follows:

Refer to the Custom Metadata paragraph in the Cinegy Air Manual for more details on working with custom metadata fields.

Applying General Macros

Macro code is entered in the text value of the text object in the Cinegy Titler template.

To add a macro, follow the steps:

  1. Add a text object and in the "Text" field enter the macro code according to the general macro syntax described above.

  2. Link this text to a new variable:

  3. Edit the Titler scene according to your needs and save it.

  4. Select the desired item in the Cinegy Air PRO playlist, and use the secondary events panel context menu to assign a Cinegy Titler scene display on the specified layer:

  5. In the "CG Browser" dialog box that appears, select your Titler scene in the "Repository" field. The macro code in the "Template parameters" table will be changed to the corresponding field data value: