For a richer look various effects can be applied to the scene objects: from basic text effects like a dropped shadow to complex per-character changes using animation features.

Effects for Text-based Objects

For text-based objects (such as static text, marquee or roll), the following effects are available in the upper effect panel:


There are three groups of effects: basic and text specific and dynamic content effects.

Basic effects:

  • Shadow – adds a shadow that falls behind the character.
  • Border – outlines a character with the specified color.
  • Glow – adds a glow that emanates from the outside of the character.
  • Bevel – adds a chamfer around a character.
  • Marquee – enables a marquee effect on text.
  • Roll – enables a roll effect on text.
  • Text sizing – enables a text sizing effect on text.

Per character text specific effects:

  • Typewriter – makes the characters 'type in' and become visible as though being typed on a typewriter.
  • Alpha – allows you to apply various transparency transitions.
  • Position – makes the characters change their position.
  • Rotation – makes the characters rotate.
  • Scale – makes the characters change their size.
  • Flash – allows you to apply various lighting or entrance effects.
  • Arrange – makes the characters arrange in the specified manner.

Dynamic Content Effect:

  • Generated Clock – adds a generated clock display to the current scene.
  • Value Replacement – replaces the text according to the predefined list.

Effects for Graphical Objects

For graphical objects (picture and plate), the following effects are available:


Basic effects:

  • Mask – erases parts of the other objects inside a group when applied to one of the grouped objects.
  • Chamfer – converts a sharp corner of the image to a rounded corner.
  • Blur – blurs the image borders.

Dynamic content effect:

  • Analog clock – enables the analog clock display.
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