Cinegy Air uses the following file extensions:

  • *.MCRitem – an item file created from a Sequence or clip from a ClipBin or Roll in Cinegy Desktop via the "Send to inventory…​" command.

  • *.MCRlist – a playlist file. This file is created when you are saving your playlist in playlist editor mode.

  • *.MCRActive – an active playlist file. The "*.MCRactive" file is a unique file. Once you add an item to the current on-air playlist in one of the control modes of the Cinegy Air control application, it will be automatically saved with the *.MCRActive extension in the folder specified via the Cinegy Air Configurator. When you launch Cinegy Air in one of the control modes, the active playlist will be restored from the "*.MCRActive" file.

  • *.bak – automatically created backup of an active playlist file.

The backup file does not contain the last change applied to the playlist.
  • *.MCRActive.edit or *.MCRlist.edit – a playlist file created when you have made some changes to the collaborated playlist that are not approved for the active playlist.

  • *.MCRActive.approved or *.MCRlist.approved – a playlist file created when the edits you have done to the collaborated playlist are approved to the active playlist.