The playlist consists of three main components: programs, blocks and items. Each component is described further on in detail.

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To create a new program, simply press the "+Prog" button on the selected item editor panel or select the "Create program…​" command from the "Program" main menu:


Enter a new program name into the text field of the "Create a program" dialog:


Confirm creation of a new program by pressing the "OK" button.

You can rename a program at any time by double-clicking the corresponding name field on the playlist panel.

Program Properties

The "Program properties" option allows you to set up the EPG parameters for the selected program.

Select the desired program from the playlist and choose the "Program properties…​" command from the "Program" main menu to launch the following dialog box:


The "Program properties" menu allows you to specify the following program properties:

  • Name – the program name;

  • Description – the program description;

  • Genre – the program genre type;

  • Sub genre – sub genre of the specified genre;

  • Parental rating – assign recommended age limitation for televiewers. The proper numeric label will be displayed in the corner of the consumer’s television screen during the television program;

The parental rating level is propagated from the EPG metadata and cannot be changed here.
  • Content description – the description of the program content (children, family, horror, bad language presence etc.) and displays the corresponding content icon in the corner of the consumer’s television screen during the television program;

  • Group type – the program group type: xPush or Series. xPush indicates the pay television group and Series - a series production group;

  • Group – program groups available for the current channel. The list is different for different group types (e.g. movies, sports, music for xPush and series titles for Series);

Use the Cinegy Air configurator to specify the channel parameters. Refer to the EPG Server Settings article for more details.
  • Program – the program details (e.g. event for xPush or series index for Series).

Only the Name and Description program properties are available in Cinegy Air SOLO, the rest of properties are read-only.


The "Propagate from a clip…​" command substitutes program parameters with the parameters of a selected item:


Press "OK" to confirm the changes or "Cancel" to ignore.

Conditional Access Settings

The "CA Product Manager" utility is only available with the separate "Cinegy Air PRO Integration with NDS" plug-in installed on the current computer.
To enable this functionality, select the "CA Template(s)" option in the Cinegy Air PRO configurator.
Refer to the CA Products Managing article for more details about the conditional access service.


Press the "Modify…​" button to start setting up the conditional access service parameters.

If the NDS server connection is not possible, the following error message appears:


The following "CA parameters" dialog box appears:

Start time is specified automatically for each program depending on the current playlist schedule.

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Press the "Use default" button to apply default settings to the current template.