The "Live switch events" tab allows to define two scenarios for overlaying graphics objects on live items. Both of them are to be configured and managed via the Cinegy Playout configuration utility.

The first scenario is topical for Air Control application live items added to the playlist.

Refer to the Live Item section within the Cinegy Air Manual to get more information on the playlist live items.

Select the "Generate events on the live switch" option to generate the enter (live item start) and leave (live item finish) events for Cinegy Air Control playlist live items. The following parameters should be set for both enter and leave events:

  • device;

  • command;

  • options (1…3).

The parameters to be defined are similar to those configured via secondary events in the Cinegy Air control application:

Refer to the Secondary Events section to get more information on secondary events.

The second scenario is related to Cinegy Playout application output live stream. It is possible to overlay the Cinegy Titler graphics on the live feed immediately on its start.

To set this scenario working, ensure that the "On start immediately switch to live" option is selected in the "General" tab settings.

Then select the "Generate events on the live switch" option and specify the required parameters in the "Event on enter" configuration window only.