Standalone mode of Cinegy Studio is designed for creating new playlists and saving them in the NCRlist format. Existing playlists can also be easily edited and managed, and afterwards sent to playout.

To create a new NCRlist playlist or load an existing one into the Rundown panel, press the "Open" button on the Rundown panel main toolbar:


The newly created list contains an empty Story by default. Having added items to the playlist, you will see them located sequentially in the order of their adding.

Refer to the Adding Items to Playlist article within the Cinegy Air Manual to get more information on ways of adding items to the playlist.

Stories, previously created via Story Editor within Cinegy Desktop, can also be added to the current playlist.

Please mind that items in the Story will be sorted according to their type when added to the playlist.
Refer to the Working with Stories section in the Cinegy Desktop Manual for details on creating Stories.

Having opened an existing playlist, you will see the list of Stories comprising the rundown loaded in the playlist form. One Cinegy Studio client allows opening multiple playlists simultaneously; they will be placed into separate tabs on the Rundown panel. The one having a green indicator is selected as currently active for being sent to air. The others have a gray indicator. Any playlist can be assigned as active by pressing the "Set Active" button:


Use the "Close" button to close the current playlist.

Use the arrow_up and arrow_down arrows or the keyboard to define the start time for the selected rundown in the "Rundown Start" field. This value will be displayed in the "Sched. Start" column of the first rundown item, and the start time for the rest of the items will be calculated according to this value.