Use this tab to define general settings and the output parameters of the built-in clip viewer.


General Settings

Specify the interface language using the "Language" drop-down list.

In the "User log folder" field, specify the folder location where the user log files will be stored. To do this, use the "…​" button or enter the path via the keyboard.

The "Metadata editing" option defines whether a user is allowed to edit custom metadata in the Cinegy Air playlist. Choose between the following options:


When the "Disable" option is selected, only the Name and Comments values can be edited. The "Enabled" option allows user to edit the playlist item description and any custom metadata fields. Selecting the "Disable Archive fields" option disables to edit all the metadata originated from Archive.

Desktop Player

Select the desired option from the "Desktop player" drop-down list:


"Standard desktop player" is set by default.

It is recommended to select "DVS desktop player" or "Blackmagic Design desktop player" when only the corresponding board is physically present.

With "Standard desktop player", the deinterlacing is performed on your graphics card. The quality of deinterlacing depends on the card itself and its driver’s settings.

However, you can switch deinterlacing permanently on or off, or deinterlace only in pause:

  • Deinterlace – use the drop-down list to select deinterlace type:






    "Still" (paused)


  • Show Start/End Hints – enable/disable the start and end hints in clip viewer.



    "Start" hint

    "End" hint

  • Show Media Offline Hint – enable/disable the "Media offline" message for the items when its media is offline.

With output set to "DVS desktop player" or "Blackmagic Design desktop player", a drop-down list will appear allowing you to select the desired video format for the SDI output.