Cinegy Air Control application allows to broadcast regional variations apart from the main programming channel, thus providing programming specific for a particular region. A common example of using regional variations is local news or advertisements.

Regional variations broadcast can be achieved using the automatic opt-out and multichannel variation.

Automatic Opt-Out

Configuration of this workflow should be done on both main and regional channels sides.

Main Channel Configuration

To configure the opt-out workflow on the main channel side, follow the steps:

  1. Create a playlist; add content to be broadcast as an RTP or UDP stream to the regional channel.

  2. Set the "Automatic opt-out" block type for that content and define its "Avail Id":

  3. The playlist containing opt-out blocks can be exported for further use in regional channels. To do this, use the "Export opt-out playlist…​" command from the "File" main menu.

    In the exported playlist, opt-out blocks are cleared and marked as empty; "Avail Id" is preserved. All items outside opt-out blocks are replaced with live items (one per block), preserving their duration.
  4. Configure the RTP/UDP output for Cinegy Playout instance to be used for playlist broadcasting from the main channel. In the "RTP/UDP output transport settings" dialog, make sure to select the "SCTE35 cueing messages stream PID" option and define the PID value to enable SCTE35 messaging:


Automatic opt-out workflow can be also built using SDI signal. SCTE104 messages are embedded in VANC at line 11 in the SDI output signal. The line number parameter is hidden in the configuration and can be changed directly in the instance configuration file. Insertion of SCTE104 can be disabled by setting the line number parameter to 0. Decoding of the SCTE104 messages is not currently supported.

SCTE104 message embedding is not supported for UHD/8K formats.

Regional Channel Configuration

To configure the workflow on the regional channel side, follow the steps below:

  1. Create a playlist that will use content from the main channel, set the same "Avail Id" for automatic opt-out blocks.

    Alternatively, you can use the playlist template generated on the main channel as it described in point 3. Fill in the opt-out blocks with regional content.
  2. For the Cinegy Playout instance that will receive the RTP stream from the main channel, define the settings of RTP input and listening for the SCTE35 cueing stream:


    The "Enable RTP/UDP input" option activates automatic use of IP signal as the live feed for an RTP/UDP live item playout of content received from the main channel. The source URL defined here will be used as default RTP/UDP input for Live items in the playlist if "RTP/UDP Live Source" is not configured in the Live item parameters in Cinegy Air.

    The "Listen for SCTE35 cueing stream" option should be selected to enable listening for SCTE 35 packets; the RTP/UDP URL should be specified in the "Source url" field.

    Refer to the RTP Input article in the Cinegy Playout Manual for detailed information on RTP input setup.