Release Notes

Cinegy Air 15.0 BETA

Cinegy Air Release: 15.0

Cinegy Air Build:

Cinegy Titler Build:

Release Date: April 30, 2020

Compatible with: Cinegy Desktop 14.X+

Major Improvements & Defects Fixed

Cinegy Air PRO and SOLO

  • On-air items can now be edited within the Cinegy Air control application (secondary events can be changed etc).

  • Audio ducking extended to accommodate Live audio inputs for RTP, SRT, and SDI inputs.

  • Single command clears down all active graphics layers in playlist item.

  • Cinegy Route entry included in event service menu.

  • Improved color coding of *.MCRitems status in playlist.

  • Auto update of *.MCRitems in playlist. Items brought from a Sequence in Cinegy Desktop can be selected for updating automatically within the playlist by selecting this feature in the Air Control Configurator.

  • Preview window displays exit/loop behavior of graphics events within playlist.

  • Voiceover audio input added to CG panel.

  • Copy and paste for blocks improved to standardize behavior and make selection more obvious by block highlighting.

  • Selecting an audio track in SOLO mode in one click is added to the Cinegy Air Clip Viewer (toggle all on / all off).

  • Added support for DTMF Tones listen and transmit.

  • Improved SCTE-35 frame accuracy improved.

  • Added various changes and improvements to the way selected items are highlighted in the GUI following manipulation. General GUI operation improvements of items and blocks.

  • Improved the way start time on item start is updated.

  • Fixed #13614 Air control: performance issue with long playlist that contains short clips (app not closing 10000+ items).

  • Fixed SCTE-104 pre_roll_time calculation.

  • Fixed #13540 Air control: secondary event of on-air item can be skipped if context pop-up menu has been selected before launching item.

  • Fixed #13541: New playlists are created at 00:00:00 UTC, but should begin at midnight local time.

  • Fixed #13511 "Cinegy Air: the default settings are defined for new created capture secondary event".

  • Fixed #13435 the wrong items are selected if navigate in playlist using "Up/Down arrow" buttons after program creation.

  • Fixed #13689 Air control: New offset can be set via "Find the event offset" function to the event that to be fired during change process.

  • Fixed #13660 Air control: entire block is reloaded to playout engine if insert an item at the block end.

  • Fixed #13478 Studio: "Story item" and "Comment" fields can be switched to editing.

  • Fixed #13681 Air control: on-air item secondary event cannot be skipped via [SKIP] button on the control panel.

  • Fixed #13675 Air Control: Auto-append folder doesn’t support SMBv3 protocol.

  • Fixed #13613 Cinegy Air: sometimes control hangs if playlist with Cinegy Titler template with macro is reloaded into the engine after manual item start.

  • Fixed #13493 Air GUI: checkbox of bool custom metadata isn’t scaled in the playlist on 4K monitor and the text size more 100%.

  • Fixed #13602 Air Control: Macros for a custom metadata fields in Air Control are case-sensitive.

  • Fixed #13548 Cinegy Air: item, is being ingested, is shown in the playlist as inaccessible.

  • Fixed #13507 Cinegy Air: ${} macro value isn’t updated if undo item, block deletion.

  • Fixed #13491 Air: inactive control appends items via auto-append folder but shouldn’t do so.

  • Fixed #13403 Air: a created program isn’t highlighted in the playlist.

  • Fixed #13486 Cinegy Air config: a mark cannot be removed from "EPG" checkbox in Air Editor panel.

  • Fixed #13484 Cinegy Air: Logs don’t show the reason why playlist isn’t loaded after the item with an incorrect IN timecode.

  • Fixed #13480 Playlist Editor: focus is on a wrong object if several objects are deleted after specific selection.

  • Fixed #13466 Air: Bool metadata cannot be changed more than once in the field after switching to the editing mode.

  • Fixed # 3462 Air: ${program+n.Description} and ${program+n.<CustomMetadata>} macros value isn’t updated in engine after the data editing.

  • Fixed #13450 Air: {$item+1.<data>} macros value isn’t updated in playout engine if insert an item below the item with CG template.

  • Fixed #13447 Air: ${program+n.<data>} macros value isn’t updated if skip a program or reset a skip.

  • Fixed #13396 EAS Gateway stops generating RTP/UDP stream after few days work.

  • Fixed #13435 Air: the wrong items are selected if navigating in playlist using "Up/Down arrow" buttons after program creation.

  • Fixed #13400 Air control: several empty programs cannot be deleted/cut/copied.

  • Fixed #13518 "Air: Capture start REC event can be created with invalid template" has been fixed.

  • Fixed #13511 "Cinegy Air: the default settings are defined for new created capture secondary event" has been fixed.

  • Fixed #13509 "Cinegy Air: application crashes if try to add Capture start REC event" has been fixed.

Cinegy Titler

  • Fixed #13596 Cinegy Titler: Switching to the Scene is slow on some templates.

  • Fixed #13452 Cinegy Titler editor: Variable list on the parameters tabs of the effects is not updated automatically after adding new variable on the "Variables" tab.

  • General improvements to variables editing.

Cinegy Studio PRO and SOLO

  • Fixed #13478 "Story item" and "Comment" fields can be switched to editing mode for on-air item.

  • Fixed #13476: improve insertion of an item that has no name.

  • Fixed #13475: item name can be deleted.

  • Fixed #13474: the selection border isn’t displayed on "Story item" cell.

  • Fixed shuttle status implemented proper reaction on Jog command.

  • Improved search results from within Cinegy Studio panels.