Release Notes

Cinegy Air 15.0

Cinegy Air Release: 15.0

Cinegy Air Build:

Cinegy Titler Build:

Release Date: January 21, 2021

Compatible with: Cinegy Desktop 14.X+

Before you start the installation, it is recommended to uninstall any previous versions of Cinegy Air components that you may have on your machine.
AC-3 encoding / decoding libraries are now made available to Cinegy Playout via a separate installation process. If you require AC-3 features, please ensure you have access to these installation packages before proceeding with any upgrade.

Major Improvements & Defects Fixed

Cinegy Air PRO and SOLO

  • On-air items can now be edited within Cinegy Air control (secondary events can be changed etc).

  • Audio ducking extended to accommodate Live audio inputs for RTP, SRT, and SDI inputs.

  • Single command clears down all active graphics layers in playlist item.

  • Cinegy Route integrated into secondary event service menu.

  • Improved color coding of *.MCRitems status in playlist.

  • Auto update of *.MCRitems in playlist. Items brought from a Sequence in Cinegy Desktop can be selected for updating automatically within the playlist by selecting this feature in the Cinegy Air Control Configurator.

  • Preview window displays exit/loop behavior of graphics events within playlist.

  • Voiceover audio input added to CG panel.

  • Copy and paste for blocks improved to standardize behavior and make selection more obvious by block highlighting.

  • Added, to the Cinegy Air Clip Viewer, single click selecting an audio track in SOLO mode (toggle all on / all off).

  • A new ‘breaking live’ button is added, which effectively pauses the on-air item and goes to live, providing an easier path to come back to where a playlist was before the event.

  • Added various changes and improvements to the way selected items are highlighted in the GUI following manipulation. General GUI operation improvements of items and blocks.

  • Improved the way start time on item start is updated.

  • Removed official support of Cinegy Type.

  • Added highlighting updates for non-MAM playlist items in playlist grid and functionality for accepting/declining updates.

  • Implemented copying of read-only fields content for the playlist item.

  • Extended functionality finding playlist items.

  • Details of client connected station status are added to REST XML.

  • Implemented extensive placeholders indication in the playlist grid.

  • Implemented Cinegy Web API services automatic launching option.

  • Extended Air HTTP API to give access to cued and on-air items status information.

  • Introduced an option to disable mapped network drive to UNC auto-mapping.

Cinegy Playout

  • Added "PSEUDO_INTERLACE" mode to NVidia H264 / H265 encoders.

  • Improved SCTE-35 frame accuracy.

  • Added support for DTMF Tones, listen and transmit.

  • SCTE104 decoding and processing.

  • Reworked Default RTP input functionality.

  • Added teletext stream PID, bitrate and descriptor setting to RTP output.

  • Introduced option to automatically return SCTE-35 messages.

  • Extended maximum proxy size to 100TB.

Cinegy Titler

  • General improvements to variables editing.

  • Cinegy Type is no longer supported.

Cinegy Studio PRO and SOLO

  • Improved search results from within Cinegy Studio panels.

  • Implemented option for automatic start of rundown items.

  • Cinegy Titler is defined as a default option for graphics device.

Known Issues

  • Nvidia RTX and other Turing-generation GPU boards no longer support interlace H.264 encoding. This applies to all versions of any Cinegy software supporting GPU encoding and is a hardware limitation of the Nvidia boards. Pascal and earlier boards are not affected. If using GPU accelerated Nvidia features, please be careful to match your settings to the capabilities of your board. Cinegy Playout provides Pseudo Interlace mode to overcome these limitation, but please be aware this may only be compatible with other Cinegy software.

  • Cinegy Playout engine crashes during high GPU load are registered when using latest NVIDIA driver version. The recommended driver version is Quadro Desktop Driver Release 430 (ODE) versions NVIDIA driver.

  • The EAS Gateway and Prompter applications are missing some packages inside the support folder. Please install Cinegy Air control application on any machine needing these applications first, then install these applications via the MSI packages instead of using the setup.exe program file.

  • Some JPEG2000 OP1A files will fail to read correctly, and will not proxy. JPEG2000 support should be considered experimental at this time.

  • AAC audio in Cinegy Air control application preview is distorted in some cases.