URL is http://NAME:PORT/metrics

Method is GET.

Response XML is:

<Metrics StartAt="yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ssZ" >
  <At Time="yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ssZ" DroppedCount="0" OutputCount="25" NoInputSignal="0"
      AverageReadTime="0.0" ReadErrorRate="0" Heartbeat="650"/>
  <!-- More like above -->

All telemetry values in the At tag are values on the interval between the previous and current At tag. Currently this interval is 1 second. Maximum history length is 60 items, so it is 1 minute.

DroppedCount – maximum number of frames dropped on output devices.

OutputCount – number of frames sent to the output.

NoInputSignal – number of frames that were not received from current active video input (for live items).

AverageReadTime – average value of milliseconds per frame on main file reading (both heads).

ReadErrorRate – percentage of reading errors.

Heartbeat – how much time we wait till the next second in telemetry thread (typical value greatly depends on CPU power and load), may be used to detect total Cinegy Air slowdown.