This tab lets you specify and see which licensing options this specific Cinegy Playout instance will acquire once it’s started:


Allowable Connections

Please specify which control applications shall connect to this Cinegy Playout instance:

  • Cinegy Studio SOLO – enables connection with Cinegy Studio SOLO.

  • Cinegy Air SOLO – enables connection with Cinegy Air SOLO.

  • Cinegy Studio PRO – enables connection with Cinegy Studio PRO and Cinegy Studio PRO Legacy.

  • Cinegy Air PRO – enables connection with Cinegy Air PRO.

License Usage Summary

Multiple connection types can be selected, but only one control connection can be active simultaneously.

The license options are explained below:

Name Description

Core Engine

Required to run the playout instance

Cinegy Studio Solo

Provides Cinegy Studio SOLO connectivity

Cinegy Air Solo

Provides Cinegy Air SOLO connectivity

Cinegy Studio Pro

Provides Cinegy Studio PRO connectivity

Cinegy Air Pro

Provides Cinegy Air PRO connectivity

Cinegy Titler

Enables Cinegy Titler Channel Branding option, provides Cinegy Titler and Cinegy Studio (Graphics devices) connectivity

Network Proxy Caching

Media caching (proxying) from network to a local drive

Multichannel I/O and Simulcast

Required if more than one output or/and format is configured; if more than one SDI input is configured for Air Engine, or one or more devices are configured as additional inputs for Titler.

Clean Engine Output

Enables using "Clean output" option to access a "clean" output from Cinegy Air application

Please note that if a Core Engine license is not available the playout instance will not run at all. To enter a demo mode a special demo license is required.
If any other licensing options are configured but missing, Cinegy Playout will fail to start and leave a corresponding message in the logs.