The main window is divided into three parts:


The main window may also contain the "Cinegy Browser", "Cinegy Search" and "File Browser" tabs (on the left) if they are enabled via "View" main menu command.

Playlist Caption

The caption of the Cinegy Air window in playlist editor mode displays the Cinegy Air version and the name of the currently open playlist. The following illustration displays the Cinegy Air PRO version:

If a playlist contains any unsaved changes, its name in the caption will be marked with an asterisk.

Playlist Panel

The playlist panel is always available. Playlists are represented in the form of a table. Each row contains detailed information about each Cinegy Air playlist item. The playlist panel view can be adjusted to show only the columns that you wish to see.

Refer to the Playlist Table Customization article for more information on working with playlist table.

Item Editor Panel

The buttons located on this panel allow you to view and edit selected Cinegy Air playlist items, add blocks and items (LIVE, DUMMY, NOTE, etc.), easily navigate through the list, remove or skip items, control start time and duration, and set the trigger type for the selected item.

This panel can be toggled using the "Item Editor" command from the "View" main menu:


Secondary Events

The "Secondary Events" command shows/hides the secondary events grid. The secondary events table provides an interface to manage events from external devices for the selected item.