Playlist editor is designed for offline playlist preparation before sending the material on air.

To be able to work with this application, the "Playlist Editor" option should be selected during Cinegy Air installation.

Refer to the Cinegy Air installation article to get more details on installing the Playlist Editor component.

Cinegy Air Playlist Editor can be launched as a standalone utility from Start > Cinegy > Cinegy Air Playlist Editor.

The following diagram represents the Cinegy Air Playlist Editor setup:


Configuring Playlist Editor

The settings for Playlist Editor are available in the "Cinegy Air Playlist Editor" tab:


Select the "Don’t use Cinegy Browser" option if it is not required to use the built-in Cinegy Browser for browsing through the Cinegy Archive database.

Next select the required time zone by choosing among options presented in the "Time zone" drop-down list.

ISO 8601 UTC-aware time and date strings are used to define time in playlists stored in XML, preventing any ambiguity during seasonal time changes.

Checking the "Use fixed offset" option enables entering the required time offset in the time picker specifying hours, minutes and seconds. Using fixed offset enables defining time subtracted from or added to UTC.

If "Use fixed offset" option is not checked, the selected time zone will be used instead.

The "Default video system" parameter is used for the default blank playlist creation.

Then define aspect ratio values of the items inserted into a playlist.


Using the "Default original aspect" drop-down list, define the original aspect ratio value to be used by default for the source files inserted into a playlist. To define the aspect ratio value automatically, choose "Auto".

Use the "Default target aspect" drop-down list to choose the target aspect ratio to be applied to playlist items. Set this value to "Original" to keep the original aspect ratio of a playlist item. If the "Stretch" value is selected, the target video stream is stretched to fill the entire frame, no cropping is applied.

Refer to the Aspect Ratio section for detailed information on playlist item display on the playout screen.

In the "CG Repository" field define the folder location where Cinegy Title templates are stored.

The audio matrix presets storage location can be defined in the "Audio Matrix presets" field.

If the audio matrix XML file cannot be found, opened or successfully processed, a warning prompt will be shown at the Cinegy Air startup. The Cinegy Air control application will be loaded, but it will not be possible to change any audio matrices or audio encoding profiles. The valid audio matrix XML file should be specified in the Cinegy Air Configurator.

The "Legacy sequence audio" parameter defines how to process Sequences without master audio tracks prepared in Cinegy Desktop 9.1 and earlier. Choose the appropriate option from the drop-down list:

Refer to the Sequence Compatibility article for more information on "Legacy sequence audio" handling.

Having configured all the necessary settings, press "OK" to save the changes.