The following items can be added to a playlist: media files in Cinegy Air supported formats, clips, Sequences, Cinegy Title templates, special items like live, dummy and note items.

Use the "Insert" command from the "Item" main menu for adding items to the playlist:


To add a live item, a dummy item or insert a new comment to the playlist, select the corresponding command from the submenu.

Adding Items

The diagram below demonstrates different ways of adding items to a playlist:


There are various ways to add an item (e.g. Sequence, clip from a Roll or ClipBin) to the playlist:

  • by dragging-and-dropping corresponding MCRitems from the shared folder (inventory) via File Explorer or File Browser;

  • by dragging-and-dropping a clip or Sequence directly from Cinegy Browser or from Cinegy Search;

  • using the "Insert" command from the "Item" main menu for adding MCRItems previously created via Cinegy Desktop.

It is also possible to drag-and-drop individual items between two open Cinegy Air Playlist Editors or Cinegy Air control applications.

The ways of adding items to the playlist are described in detail further in this article.

Drag-and-Drop via File Browser

Please note that during "drag-and-drop" operations the insert item position is separated by a bold black drop line.

Use File Browser to navigate through local or removable media or folders (e.g. shared inventory folder) where *.MCRitem files are stored. Select an item and add it to the playlist via drag-and-drop. It is also possible to select multiple items and add them all to the playlist at the same time.


Drag-and-Drop via Cinegy Browser

Use Cinegy Browser mode to navigate to the desired item in the Cinegy Archive database; select the item and add it to the playlist via drag-and-drop.


Using the "Insert" Command

To add desired MCRitems or item(s) in a Cinegy Air supported format, click the "Insert" > "Item(s)…​" command. The "Open" dialog box appears:


Browse for the file storage folder. Select one or several items in *.MCRitem format or change the "Files of type" option to "All files" and select files in any Cinegy Air supported format. Press "Open" to add selected files to the playlist.

The item(s) will be inserted with the aspect ratio, defined in the Cinegy Air Configurator. For more details, see the Aspect Ratio paragraph.

If selected media files are not supported by Cinegy Air, the following error message appears:

Refer to the Integration with Desktop manual for more details on creating MCRitems.
If you are using footage from a removable media, and the media becomes unavailable, the item will be shown as media offline in your playlist.
Learn more about media offline in this article.

Drag-and-Drop of Items via File Explorer

When composing a playlist, single or multiple Cinegy Air playlist items can be dragged-and-dropped from the Microsoft File Explorer. Use the File Explorer to navigate through local or removable media (e.g. shared inventory folder), select the item or items and add these to the playlist via drag-and-drop.


If you inserting an item into a newly created empty playlist, the program metadata will be substituted by the item metadata. Any subsequent items inserted will not affect the program metadata.

To disable this feature, remove the selection of the "Auto-propagate metadata to a program" option in the "Preferences" dialog.

Inserting Items to Empty Playlist

The "Insert items" window appears after you add a new playlist or when you add one or more items to the empty playlist table either in single-channel or multi-channel mode:


Here you can set the exact time and date when the inserted item will go on-air.

The same window appears after you have added the follow item type to the end of the composed playlist after the last item had been broadcast in single/multi-channel mode.

TV Format Compatibility

Ensure that all the items being added to the playlist are of the compatible TV formats.

Otherwise, the following error message appears:


If an item has higher frame rate and/or resolution than the current playlist, the following indication is shown in the playlist table:


Such items will not be played back by the Cinegy Playout engine even if the same playlist TV format is set up for the Cinegy Playout engine. If the Cinegy Playout engine has a higher TV format, this item will be played back.

E.g. a playlist has a TV format setting of 1920x1080p50 then, items with a higher frame rate or frame size (e.g. 3840x2160p25) will be added to the playlist with an exclamation mark inside a yellow circle, meaning it will be sent on air with failure if the Cinegy Playout engine is set up for 1920x1080p50. An item with the same or lower frame size or frame rate (1920x1080p50 - 720x576i25) will be added to the playlist without indication and will be played back if the Cinegy Playout engine is set up for 1920x1080p50.

Read more about Cinegy Playout engine player mode in the following section.