The timeline is located under the playlist panel.


Background coloring of items on the timeline is identical to the items coloring in the playlist.

Refer to the Item Status, Coloring and Font paragraph to learn more about status coloring.

A light-lilac progress bar shows the proxying progress for each item in real time on the timeline.

The current playback position is marked with a vertical red arrow.

The manual end, clocked and join-in-progress triggers icons are displayed on the timeline according to the specified item play modes in the playlist. The follow items are shown without an icon:


Channel Status

The status indicator next to the channel name on the timeline changes its color depending on the channel status.


When connected, the channel is marked with a green indicator.


When disconnected, the channel is marked with a dark green indicator.


If there are problems with proxying, the channel is marked with a red indicator. A red blinking indicator warns the operator when problems with the connected channel occur (for example, lost connection).


A yellow blinking indicator warns the operator when playlist has an item with manual end trigger and the playback progress of such item approaches the scheduled manual item end. Also, if there is an empty placeholder in the nearest 6 hours, the yellow indicator will blink.

Timeline Options


To enable the display of clip thumbnails, select the "Timeline options" > "Show thumbnails" option in the "View" main menu. To hide clip thumbnails, deselect this option.

Select the "Show Events" option in the same menu to enable/disable the display of secondary events available in the current program.

You can change the detail level to program, block or item from the context menu:


The names of the playlist components (program, block or item) and their duration is displayed in the timeline according to the selected detail level:


Timeline Scale


The timeline slider is shown with a vertical red arrow, located on the time scale. It displays the current playout position and moves synchronously with broadcasting.

Secondary Events Markers

Secondary events configured for the playlist items are indicated with the red marker on the timeline. Hovering the mouse pointer over the secondary event marker displays a tooltip with its name:


Negative Variance Markers

Items with negative variance are highlighted with a red stripe on the right side of the item rectangle:


Failed Item Proxying Marker

When the item has failed to proxy, it is marked on the timeline with red diagonal hatch:


Live Items Indication

Selecting the "Item" option from the timeline options "Detail level" context menu indicates the live playlist items. The live items are displayed with a camera icon added to the item start and followed by the item thumbnail:


Custom Category Indication

The custom categories defined for the playlist items are also displayed on the timeline.

Custom categories are displayed if "Detail level" is set to "Item" in the "Timeline options" drop-down menu.

You can navigate within the playlist directly from the timeline. Clicking the item on the timeline highlights it in the playlist and moves the cursor into its position. Clicking the item in the playlist automatically highlights it in the middle of the timeline:

When the "Program" or "Block" options are selected from the "Detail level" context menu, the navigation within the playlist and the timeline is enabled on the corresponding playlist component level.

Pressing the "ON AIR" button brings the on-air playlist item to the middle of the timeline. The timeline scrolls automatically, therefore the on-air playlist item playback marker is always placed in the timeline center.

All actions involving items performed in the playlist (such as jump, start cued, start manual end item) are also displayed on the timeline simultaneously.