The main commands associated with programs and blocks are described in this article.


The complete program can be skipped from playing. To do this, use the "Skip program" command from the "Program" main menu. The program including all blocks will be skipped; the corresponding mark will be added to the program and blocks names and the corresponding icon will be shown in the status column.


To remove the "skipped" status for the selected program, uncheck the "Skip program" option in the "Program" main menu.

To skip only the required block, select it and check the "Skip block" option in the "Block" main menu.


The "skipped" status for the block can be cancelled by removing the selection of the "Skip block" command in the "Block" main menu.

Metadata Propagating

The metadata of a playlist item (name, description, custom metadata from Cinegy Archive, etc.) can be propagated to a program name. For this select the required item in the playlist and use the "Propagate metadata from the clip" command from the "Program" main menu.

Please note, if the playlist item contains empty metadata field(s) and the program already has the metadata fields filled in, in the result of applying the "Propagate metadata from the clip" command the former program metadata will be lost.


You can divide one program or block into two parts from the current position with the main menu "Split at the current position" command:


The second block/program will start from the item you have selected before splitting:

The current block automatically splits into two blocks when you place another block inside it. Splitting of programs can be achieved in the same way.


To combine several blocks or programs into one, use the main "Block" > "Combine selected" menu command. The same combining command for programs is available from the "Program" main menu. All items from these blocks will be united into one block.

Only blocks that are located in the same program group are allowed to be combined.

Copying and Pasting

To copy a program or a block use the "Copy" command from the "Edit" main menu:


You can also use the Ctrl+C keyboard shortcut assigned for the copy action by default. Alternatively, select the corresponding program or block and use the "Copy" command available from the right-click menu.

The "Paste" and "Paste below" commands are available from the "Edit" main menu as well as from the program and block context menus. The default keyboard shortcut for "Paste" action is Ctrl+V. The "Paste" command inserts an identical duplicate of the previously copied program or block above the selected program or block in the playlist. The "Paste below" command inserts the copied program/block below the selected item in the playlist. These commands split the current program or block and insert the selected content above or below the selected item respectively.

If all items in the block are selected, these particular items, but not the block as a playlist component, will be copied/cut/deleted after executing the "Copy"/"Cut"/"Delete" operation. To perform operations with blocks, the block caption or the collapsed block should be selected.


To delete a program or block, use the corresponding "Delete" command from either the "Block" or the "Program" main menu:


Alternatively, select the corresponding program or block and use the "Delete" command from the right-click menu. To delete unnecessary program or block the Delete keyboard shortcut assigned for this operation by default can be used.


To cut the currently selected block or program, use the "Cut" command available from the "Edit" main menu or use the Ctrl+X keyboard shortcut assigned for this operation by default.



Use simple drag-and-drop to move blocks and programs to another position in the playlist.

It is possible to drag-and-drop individual programs, blocks, and items between open Cinegy Air Playlist Editor and Cinegy Air control applications.