The playlist consists of three main components: programs, blocks and items. Each component is described further on in detail.


To create a new program, simply press the "+Prog" button on the selected item editor panel or select the "Create program…​" command from the "Program" main menu:


Enter a new program name into the text field of the "Create a program" dialog:


Confirm creation of a new program by pressing the "OK" button.

You can rename a program at any time by double-clicking the corresponding name field on the playlist panel.

Program Properties

The "Program properties" option allows you to set up the EPG parameters for the selected program.

NDS EPG functionality is now end-of-life.

Select the desired program from the playlist and choose the "Program properties…​" command from the "Program" main menu to open the following dialog box:


The "Program properties" menu allows you to specify the following program properties:

  • Name – the program name;

  • Description – the program description.

The rest of parameters are NDS EPG related and they are disabled.