URL is http://NAME:PORT/metrics

Method is GET.

Response XML is:

<Metrics StartAt="yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ssZ" >
  <At Time="yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ssZ" DroppedCount="0" OutputCount="25" NoInputSignal="0"
      AverageReadTime="0.0" ReadErrorRate="0" Heartbeat="650"/>
  <!-- More like above -->

All telemetry values in the At tag are values on the interval between the previous and current At tag. Currently this interval is 1 second. Maximum history length is 60 items, so it is 1 minute.

DroppedCount – maximum number of frames dropped on output devices.

OutputCount – number of frames sent to the output.

NoInputSignal – number of frames that were not received from current active video input (for live items).

AverageReadTime – average value of milliseconds per frame on main file reading (both heads).

ReadErrorRate – percentage of reading errors.

Heartbeat – how long we wait till the next second in telemetry thread (typical value greatly depends on CPU power and load), may be used to detect total Cinegy Air slowdown.

SRT connections statistics

Method is GET.

Response XML is:

  <Connection Key=" &lt;- 5471" MsTimeStamp="52585"
              PktSent="16248" PktRecv="0" PktSndLoss="0" PktRcvLoss="0"
              PktRetrans="0" PktRcvRetrans="0" PktSentACK="0"
              PktRecvACK="4377" PktSentNAK="0" PktRecvNAK="0"
              MbpsSendRate="3.362" MbpsRecvRate="0.000"
              UsSndDuration="41508826" PktReorderDistance="0"
              PktRcvAvgBelatedTime="0.000" PktRcvBelated="0"
              PktSndDrop="0" PktRcvDrop="0" PktRcvUndecrypt="0"
              ByteSent="22097280" ByteRecv="0" ByteRcvLoss="0"
              ByteRetrans="0" ByteSndDrop="0" ByteRcvDrop="0"
              ByteRcvUndecrypt="0" UsPktSndPeriod="2587"
              PktFlowWindow="8153" PktCongestionWindow="8192"
              PktFlightSize="5" MsRTT="0.265" MbpsBandwidth="3.648"
              ByteAvailSndBuf="0" ByteAvailRcvBuf="0" MbpsMaxBW="4.205"
              ByteMSS="1500" PktSndBuf="0" ByteSndBuf="0" MsSndBuf="0"
              MsSndTsbPdDelay="120" PktRcvBuf="0" ByteRcvBuf="0"
              MsRcvBuf="0" MsRcvTsbPdDelay="120" PktReorderTolerance="0"
              PktSentUnique="16248" PktRecvUnique="0" ByteSentUnique="22097280"
  <!-- More like above -->

Every present connection has its own Connection element.

Key – identifies connection and data flow direction, consists of remote IP, remote port, local port, and data flow indicator (→/←).

The rest of the parameters are from SRT library statistics

We do not use accumulated statistics as we never reset statistics values.