The general chart of the events handling that Cinegy uses can be represented by the following diagram:


There is "Event Manager" which receives all the commands from Air Service and then broadcasts them to all registered plug-ins "Handler 1", "Handler 2" and so on. The handler itself is a COM object that implements the specifies set of interfaces (see below).

The schematic interaction of Cinegy Event Manager with each handler can be represented as follows:


Each plug-in must meet the following demands:

  • to implement IExEventHandler, IEventHandlerSetup and IEventHandlerInfoEx interfaces;

  • to be registered in the CATID_EVENT_HANDLER COM-category.

If the plug-in has no own settings it is not necessary to implement IEventHandlerSetup, the other two are mandatory.

Cinegy Event Manager itself implements IplayOutExEventSink interface and receives events from the Cinegy Playout service directly.