To control one device from different Cinegy Playout servers simultaneously, Cinegy Event Manager should be installed on a separate PC connected to this device. The remote access to the computer should be configured via network from each Cinegy Playout server controlling the external device.

The diagram below shows one of the possible configurations with remote Cinegy Event Manager.

Local Event Manager

The presented configuration allows you to use one external device for different channels independently.

Installation on Remote PC

To install the external event service remotely, follow the instructions below:

Install Cinegy Event Manager as an application. To do so run the Setup.exe file from the "CinegyEventManager" directory of your installation package and follow the installation wizard instructions.

Cinegy Event Manager should be additionally installed as a standard Windows service. To do this, run the EventsSvcManager.exe file from the folder where Cinegy Event Manager is installed with the "service" parameter, as follows:

EventsSvcManager.exe -service

After installation, you need to change the startup type of the Cinegy Air Events Service to "Automatic (Delayed Start)" and specify the required user account under which the service will run:

Air Event Service

Restart the service to apply the changes.

Set all the remote permissions to enable the service start remotely. Open the "Administrative Tools" folder in the Control Panel and double-click "Components Services". Then right-click "My Computer" in the dialog that appears and select the "Properties" command from the context menu:


The "My Computer Properties" dialog appears. Here select the "COM Security" tab:


Press the "Edit Limits…" buttons for both sections and allow all remote rights for the "Everyone" user (or for the appointed user logged on to all the Cinegy Playout servers) as shown below:


Press "OK" to apply your settings; return to the "Component Services" dialog.

Select the "DCOM Config" folder and find there the PlayOutEventSvc component. Right-click it and select the "Properties" command from the context menu.


The "PlayOutExSvc Properties" dialog appears. Here open the "Security" tab and set the "Customize" radio button in the "Launch and Activation Permission" section. Press the "Edit" button and set up "Launch Permissions" in the same way as described above for the "My Computer" folder.


Installation on Playout Servers

To set up the remote event service locally, use the Cinegy Playout Configurator to configure each playout instance that will use the remote Event Manager. To do so, start the Cinegy Playout Config utility, select the corresponding playout instance and define the remote PC (where the Event Manager is installed) in the "Global" tab.

Remote Event Manager server

Make sure that the "Use remote Event Manager server" option is enabled. To find the corresponding server, use the "Browse…" button.

From now on, every event commands will be transferred to the remote event service to control the external device.