These features are topical for Cinegy Air only.

A vendor may introduce a mechanism for timecode distribution via integration into the Cinegy Playout using the standard secondary events mechanism.

Cinegy Playout can raise an event with a regular update interval (which is recommended to be in a range between 5 and 10 seconds), which vendors may then hook into their system. The nature of this timecode distribution may be either through direct, targeted injection or via some network-based repeater mechanism. Distribution beyond the initial Cinegy-raised event is outside the scope of the Cinegy Playout system and is left to the implementer.

As well as distributing timecode, Cinegy Playout can also provide details of the current on-air item, as well as some number of currently cued items (along with their subtitle ID). This event, configurable as an interval-based event, provides subtitle systems with time to prepare for any subsequent playlist-oriented secondary events.

Subtitle control can be implemented by using Cinegy Subtitling Service or separate third-party plug-in (driven by the secondary events).

Refer to the dedicated API documentation about implementing Cinegy Playout event plug-ins.

The subtitles event generation is configurable via the "Subtitle events" tab:


The EPG event generation can be configured identically in the "EPG events" tab.

Select the "List event" option to enable configuration of event for updating the list of the next X items and indicating their status (on-air, cued), so that a subtitle system could load them in advance.

The "Device" and "Command" fields are filled with default values.

In the "Device" field a supported third-party subtitle system name is defined. For instance, Polistream solution from Screen Systems.

In the "Op1" field, enter a unique channel ID in the following format: CHANNELID=1.

In the "Every" field, define the time interval for the event to be sent, in seconds.

In the "Items" field, define the "queue" size of the items.

Select the "Timecode event" option to enable the timecode event configuration for regular updates of the current item timecode. The configuration is similar to the "List event" configuration.

In the "Delay" field, define the timecode distribution delay in milliseconds. This parameter is used to compensate the constant delays, such as RTP buffering.

The diagram below shows how the components communicate:


Components marked as 'blue' impact the Cinegy changes; 'orange' should be delivered by the integrating subtitle partner.

Cinegy Air control application has an optional column in the playlist grid to define the subtitle ID value of each item. If this flag is not set (no subtitles required), an empty SubtitleID will be passed to the LOAD event.


If further commands are required for subtitle control, then the vendor may implement specific custom commands as secondary events, which may then control the subtitle server (e.g. explicit activation, hide options, enabling secondary languages, etc.).

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