Delivering a channel is complex – with many interconnected elements costing money, requiring management and needing maintenance. Cinegy Air simplifies these challenges by supporting multiple channels with multiple features in a single box. Cinegy Air delivers EAS, Nielsen watermarking and Cinegy Title channel branding as one integrated software solution.

Cinegy offers the opportunity for most of its products to try them before making a purchase decision. Visit the official Cinegy website to download a trial version of Cinegy Air, which you can evaluate free of charge.
Please refer to the latest product Release Notes and Cinegy System Recommendations documents for hardware and software requirements and prerequisites.

The full Cinegy Air package components are:

  • Cinegy Air provides a software-based system for SD/HD/UHD/8K playout automation using standard PC server hardware. Cinegy Air performs video playout by acting as a TCP/IP-connected video "printer" offering its services in a network. The Cinegy Air broadcast automation software connects to the Cinegy Air Playout service and instructs it what to "print" on air and when.

  • Cinegy Studio is modern, highly configurable and customizable control panel for live and studio operations. It is offering higher level of flexibility and additional advanced functionality like integration with Cinegy News workflows and also third-party MOS-based workflows.

  • Cinegy Playout is a universal tool that performs final direct playout without rendering or export. This is a software-based system for SD/HD/UHD/8K playout using standard PC server hardware. It is controlled either by Cinegy Air PRO or Cinegy Studio PRO connected via TCP/IP without any need to restart or reconfigure.

  • Cinegy Encode allows user to convert SD, HD or UHD SDI streams into broadcast-quality, SMPTE-compliant RTP/UDP and NDI streams or vice versa.

  • Cinegy Prompter is an optional component which runs on any commodity or tablet Windows-based PC and is compatible with any teleprompter hardware available on the market.

  • Cinegy EAS Gateway is used for receiving US emergency alert messages from TFT 911 device and playing them automatically.

  • Cinegy Title, an integrated part of the Cinegy Air PRO Bundle, is the CG and branding option for Cinegy Air allowing to add multiple layers of automation/manually controlled, template-based titles, logos, animated graphics, and more. Cinegy Air PRO Bundle includes Cinegy Title Editor, the template designer for building and previewing templates offline, as well as a dedicated Cinegy CG tool to control up to 10 layers of graphics and animation – perfect for live operations such as news and sports. Cinegy Title now also supports audio elements, e.g. a "swoosh” sound when a logo appears or disappears.

  • Cinegy CG, a simple yet powerful live CG and channel branding tool giving you the powers to control graphics in real time on one or multiple Cinegy Playout engines at once. If a loaded graphics template has variables, Cinegy CG will let operator change the values and even update them on-the-fly on one of the ten available layers.

  • Cinegy Event Manager, an events handler to manage secondary events that can be used to control external devices, such as external SDI switches or GPI signal generating.