Release Notes

Cinegy Air 22.12 Release Candidate

Cinegy Air Release: 22.12 RC

Cinegy Air Build:

Cinegy Title Build: 22.12.324.65497

Cinegy Cinecoder Version:

Cinegy ML Version: 8.0.56755.2836

Compatible with: Cinegy Desktop 15+

Release Date: December 15, 2022

Cinegy Air version 22.12 contains support for the latest NVIDIA boards which are only supported in newer NVIDIA drivers which in turn require a newer SDK to be utilised. This therefore means that the Cinegy Air v22.12 release requires a minimum NVIDIA driver version of 452.39. Until other Cinegy software products are updated to utilise the newer NVIDIA SDK, such as Cinegy Capture and Cinegy Multiviewer, customers should avoid where possible running them on the same machine as Cinegy Air. Please ensure that you have confirmed that the OS under which you are running Cinegy Air and the model of NVIDIA board which you are using are supported in the version of the NVIDIA driver you choose before starting any upgrades.
Please note that before you start the installation, it is required to manually uninstall all Cinegy Air and Cinegy Titler components that you may have on your machine if current installed version is 21.2 or lower.
Configuration made in Cinegy Playout v22.12 is incompatible with previous versions; thus, in case of a downgrade, the Cinegy Playout engines will not migrate the settings, and the configuration should be reset manually.
Daniel 2 GPU encoding/decoding performance balance is shifted comparing with Air 21.9 R1. Daniel 2 decoder is approximately 10% slower, while Daniel 2 GPU encoder is approximately 10% quicker. Please carry out performance testing on your system before using Cinegy Air 22.12 version.
To optimize performance of your NVIDIA graphic board, it is recommended to use the "Prefer maximum performance" value for the "Power management mode" parameter in the NVIDIA Control Panel.
Cinegy Titler is rebranded to Cinegy Title.
Cinegy Air playlist format is extended to support item’s dynamic range setting and is not compatible with Cinegy Air 21.9 and lower.
Preview player settings are extended and should be verified after upgrading to Cinegy Air version 22.12.

Major Improvements


  • application icons and splash screens are rebranded (US 7314)

  • restored availability of cudart64_80.dll (defect 15912, ticket CJG-156-63635)

  • fixed insertion of the Sequence if it has a Unit Separator symbol (ASCII 31) in the name (defect 15826, ticket XNQ-946-30158)

  • fixed displaying of the first frame for MOV, MP4 media files (defect 15526)

  • improved "Pseudo Interlace" mode functionality

  • fixed video deinterlacing during playback in "Still" mode (defect 16085)

Cinegy Air

  • added playlist column for defining the original dynamic range of an item (US 7198)

  • implemented dynamic range conversion for media without HDR metadata (US 7193)

  • fixed issue when variance threshold cannot be specified against each specific channel (defect 16026)

  • fixed playlist saving in inactive Cinegy Air control application after media restoring and executing the "Auto update" command when the active playlist file contains newer changes (defect 15874)

  • fixed incorrect automatic appending of playlist after loss of connection between the Cinegy Air control application and the Cinegy Playout engine (defect 15889)

  • fixed issue when playlist is saved on application start, even if on-air item is not changed (defect 15980)

  • fixed issue when application does not start if one channel has incompatible TV format (defect 15955)

  • fixed the issue with proxy dropping after item is auto-updated by the file with the same name and duration (defect 15861, ticket ALP-157-19665)

  • fixed resuming of playback when Cinegy Playout engine is restarted during playback (defect 15911)

  • fixed copy/paste keyboard shortcuts (defect 15870, ticket UMJ-112-55629)

  • removed "Fade out" option for items with manual end trigger (US 7287, defect 15945, ticket GKT-956-81038)

  • fixed incorrect In/Out points setting for a playlist item if its duration is extended after updating (defect 15818)

  • extended Cinegy Air SRV log with extra entry about connection to Main & Spare engines (task 4986)

  • implemented preserving the configured channel(s) selection between application sessions (US 7242)

  • added ability to select/deselect all configured channels on Cinegy Air control application start (defect 15777)

  • introduced verification of higher frame rate (resolution) content added to the playlist (US 7255)

  • added the ability to specify the location of media storage server for Cinegy Air Cloud

  • implemented media slicing server support (for delivery of URL-backed assets) (US 7277)

  • added support for selecting playlist blocks as a part of the playlist structure with the ability to be copied/cut/deleted (US 7306, defect 15903)

  • extended list of supported output devices for player (US 7119)

  • updated preview panels player configuration to allow advanced settings (US 7280)

  • supported drag-and-drop of individual programs, blocks and items between two open Cinegy Air Playlist Editors or Cinegy Air control applications (US 7274)

  • added consideration of variance value in the calculation when displaying duration of playlist items on Item Editor panel (US 7254, ticket WDM-108-78628)

  • fixed unified color info processing for the main and cued feedbacks (defect 15910)

  • added functionality to load playlist configuration from a pre-configured Cinegy Air channel (US 7284)

Cinegy Playout

  • fixed incomplete files proxying if video track is longer than duration of STL subtitles added to the playlist (defect 15829, ticket HER-110-13936)

  • fixed displaying of NVIDIA adapter in the "Video effects accelerator list" on Windows Server 2022 when connecting via remote desktop (defect 15451)

  • changed default YUV matrix to HD

  • added AJA Kona IP/2110 improvements

  • fixed occasional black frame playback instead of the last valid frame in NDI input stream (defect 15948)

  • introduced option to display the last good frame on live input signal loss (US 7149)

  • fixed processing of NDI RGBA input used in Cinegy Title template in YCbCr-10bit Cinegy Playout engine mode (defect 15726)

Cinegy Studio

  • added extended list of supported output devices for player (US 7119)

  • preview panels player configuration is updated allowing advanced settings (US 7320)

Cinegy EAS Gateway

  • implemented various interface improvements (US 7091, defect 16103)

  • extended trace and initialization information messages for DIGIGRAM device (defect 15975, ticket SEG-282-82111)

  • fixed installation for DIGIGRAM device (defect 15975)

  • fixed displaying of product icon with “EAS Gateway” entry in the “Program&Features” and “EASGateway.exe” file (defect 7137)

Important Known Issues

  • NVIDIA RTX and other Turing-generation GPU boards no longer support interlace H.264 encoding. This applies to all versions of any Cinegy software supporting GPU encoding and is a hardware limitation of the NVIDIA boards. Pascal and earlier generations boards are not affected. If using GPU-accelerated NVIDIA features, please be careful to match your settings to the capabilities of your board. Cinegy Playout provides "Pseudo Interlace" mode to overcome these limitation, but please be aware it may only be compatible with other Cinegy software.

  • Some JPEG2000 OP1A files will fail to read correctly, and will not proxy. JPEG2000 support should be considered experimental at this time.

  • AAC audio in Cinegy Air control application preview can be distorted in some cases.

  • NDI version 5.x has a problem of frame skipping during interlaced stream decoding. As a workaround for interlaced steam decoding, we recommend replacing Processing.NDI.Lib.x64.dll version 5.1.3 with version 4.5.3 in the Cinegy Playout engine installation folder. The Processing.NDI.Lib.x64.dll version 4.5.3 can be found in Cinegy Air 21.9 Release 1 or on the NewTek official site.

  • 1080p25 and 1080p29.97 TV formats are not currently supported due to VANC decoding issue.

  • Occasional machine reboot after installing or updating Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable.

  • Cinegy File Browser is missing in Cinegy Studio (defect 15091).

  • Frame numbering issue for IBBBP/IBBBBP output with AAC-LC audio with some specific video codecs and bitrate (defect 15917).

  • Audio packet size decreases during audio silence on IP output with AAC-LC audio (defect 15950).