The Cinegy Studio layout allows the user to monitor and control Cinegy Capture recording session. A separate panel is dedicated for these purposes.

Switch to layout editing mode and select the "Capture Control" command from the context menu:

For complete description of the given panel, please refer to the Capture Panel article in the Cinegy Capture Manual.

The Capture Control layout panel can be adjusted in two display modes: normal and compact. In layout editing mode, select the proper context menu command to apply corresponding display mode:


Normal Capture Control display view includes the "Preview" monitor, the detailed information window and a set of buttons used to control the recording session. The compact view contains the same information displayed in the smaller layout window saving the layout space.

The description of the Capture Control panel further in this article refers to normal view mode.

The Capture Control panel has the following interface:


The left part contains the "Preview" monitor, which displays the video material in selected preview mode.

The upper part of the monitor contains a window with the server host name, where the Cinegy Capture Control application is installed. The drop-down list next to it displays configured and running Capture Services.


To change the current server host, select it by clicking its name and enter a new host location in the related field of the "Change Server Host" configuration window that appears:


The upper right part of the Capture Control panel contains time controls with the current status of the selected engine displayed in its topmost part.

Refer to the Time Controls section to learn more about Capture engine statuses.

In the "Template" drop-down list the engine templates configured for the currently selected Cinegy Capture engine are listed. Choose the needed template to be used for recording session from the drop-down list.

Refer to the Templates Panel article in the Cinegy Capture Control Manual.

In the "Capture" window the "Stop", "Record" and "Split" buttons are available for direct capture session management:

Refer to the Capture Controls section to get information on controlling the capture session.

The "Preview" window allows choosing preview mode configured in the selected Cinegy Capture engine: