Cinegy Archive Service (CAS) is a service providing access to the Cinegy Archive database. Its installation should precede the Cinegy Archive Transfer installation.

For complete description of the CAS setup refer to the Cinegy Archive Service Manual.
If you plan on working with Internet Information Services (IIS) feature, you need to have IIS v 7 (or later) installed and configured.

To install CAS, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Cinegy Archive Service installation package from the Cinegy portal, extract its content to the dedicated folder, and run the Setup.exe file. Your system will be checked for the required components and the missing ones will be automatically installed.

  2. The setup wizard will be started; press "Next" to proceed with the CAS installation or "Cancel" to abort.

  3. Read and accept the license agreement; press "Next" to proceed.

  4. When asked to define the Cinegy Archive Service hosting type, keep the selection of Windows service:

    IIS integrated mode is an advanced option; it can be carried out with direct help from Cinegy Support, if required.
  5. Define the installation folder for Cinegy Archive Service.

  6. To configure the Windows service account under which CAS will run, enter the user name and password via the keyboard in the corresponding fields.

  7. Leave the default SQL server connection parameters or deselect the "Use default values for server and database" option to configure these settings according to your needs:

  8. Define the Cinegy Archive Service run-time parameters:


    Use the "Duplicate login behavior" drop-down list to define the CAS behavior in case of concurrent connection to CAS by the same user. Selecting "Allow" is recommended to allow multiple connections to CAS under the same user. To allow anonymous connections, select the corresponding checkbox.

  9. Select the "Enable logs" checkbox and define the logging parameters in the "Configure Logs" dialog, if necessary:

  10. Press "Install" to start the CAS installation. A progress bar will show the progress of the installation process. After the installation is completed, press the "Finish" button to exit the setup wizard.