Cinegy Archive does not require any special plug-in to work with Archive Tape Libraries. Cinegy File Service, which has to be installed during the Cinegy Workflow installation and properly configured, provides integration with StorNext or other archive systems.

Cinegy Archive/Cinegy File Service requirements for any tape- or not tape-based archive systems are very simple:

  1. Archive systems should correctly define the "Offline" flag for files. The Win32 function should return FILE_ATTRIBUTE_OFFLINE for the "GetFileAttributes" request.

  2. File retrieve settings are the following: "partial retrieval" should be disabled, full file restore mode used.

Here is a typical "move-to-tape archive" and the "retrieve-from-tape archive" scenario for working with the StorNext Archive system:

  • Manual Cinegy Media Cleaner or Scheduled Media Cleaner, or MediaCleaning type of Cinegy Convert Service can be used to copy/move media files to "Archive paths", which need to be transferred to Tape Library by StorNext.

  • The StorNext software should be set up to "watch" Cinegy Archive shares or volumes, and the rules about which files to transfer to tapes should be defined. For example, "all files on share path <…> created/modified more than 6 months ago have to be transferred to Tape Library".

  • Then, following these rules, the StorNext system will transfer files to Tape Library, leaving only small file headers with correct "Offline" flag on the Cinegy Archive shares or volumes.

  • For the Cinegy software such essences will be represented in correct valid "Media Offline" state.

When viewing Cinegy Sequences and/or clips in different qualities where these archived media files are used, the "Media Offline" message will be displayed. However, if "Export…", "Send to…", "Convert…" operations are initiated by Cinegy, the warning window with information "Media with such quality is offline" will appear, and options to cancel, degrade quality, or retrieve from Tape Archive will be available. If you choose "Retrieve", Cinegy File Service will send StorNext a command to restore media on original location from Tape Library. Then, if media files are restored successfully, the "Export…", "Send to…", "Convert…" processes will continue, using restored (previously offline) qualities.