The nodes management forming the entire content of Cinegy Archive is applied here.

Node Types



This section describes an expample of the nodes structure in Cinegy Archive.

This is the "Manage node types" dialog box, where you can create and manage the nodes in Cinegy Archive:


Select the "Folder" program type. Also select the node type. Now you will find "Children" and "Parents" of the "Production" folder at the bottom of the dialog. Here you see the structure of the "Production" node.

Compare it with the structure in the explorer window of your Cinegy Desktop client:


Status of Entries

At the top of the dialog there is the "Save" button, used to store changes to the database, and markers in different colors, which show the status of changed entries.


The text/name of a newly added node type will be displayed in blue.


The modified entry text will be displayed in green.


The deleted entry text will be displayed in red.


If all changes are done, press the "Save" button. This will also switch the colored text back to black.

Adding a New Node Type

  1. Press the "Add" button. A new node type will appear named "New type".

  2. Rename the new node type and enter its short description into the "Comment" field.

  3. Select or deselect the appropriate attributes:

    • Can be deleted – allows the node type to be deleted by Cinegy Desktop user.

    • Can be created – allows the node type to be created by Cinegy Desktop user.

    • Is folder – assigns the node type as folder.

  4. The next step is the assignment of any "Children" and "Parents".



    Example: Children and Parents

  5. Press the "Save" button to save all changes.

  6. Open Cinegy Desktop and right-click the portfolio icon. Open "New" and you will see the new node type.

As you can see, the new node type has been assigned the default icon (a red square). Read the Icons, Log Templates, Colors, Error Messages article to learn how to give nodes suitable icons.

Rights Management

On the "Rights management" tab, you can see all the available nodes on the left side; all node types with rights management are on the right side.

For more information, read the Rights Management article in the Cinegy Desktop Manual.

Documents Associations

You can assign the file format extension for different document subtypes using this dialog:

22_DBM_nodetypes_documents associations


To create the association, choose the node type from the "Document subtype" drop-down list, specify the file extension and press the "Add" button. The new association will be added to the list of associations.

All document files with specified extensions will be associated with the corresponding document subtype and will have the appropriate set of metadata.

22_remove selected_button

To delete the desired association, select it from the list and press "Remove selected".


Press the "Refresh" button to force the list of associations to refresh. If any of the available associations have been changed, the list will be updated immediately.

Select the "Searchable" checkbox to enable users with the ability to search documents in Cinegy Desktop by their types. When this option is activated, the document type for search will be displayed in Cinegy Desktop:


For the specified node type to be included in search, it should be added to the list of searchable node types on the "Search" tab:


To make the specified node searchable, select it in the list of available nodes on the left and press the add_button button. It will be moved to the "Searchable node types" list on the right. To remove the node type from the "Searchable node types" list, select it and press the remove_button button.

The specified node type will be available to choose during the advanced search configuration: