The Capture Web Streaming utility is automatically installed along with Cinegy Capture Manager and enables the real-time preview mode in Cinegy Capture Web Control.


Press this icon on your desktop to run Capture Web Streaming. The following control console appears:


Here you can see the RTP stream configuration requirements and RTP stream IP address.

You can stop the running Cinegy Capture Web Streaming server by pressing any key, if needed.

Preview Mode

The incoming video is displayed in the preview window on the left and normally has 1 second update rate to reduce the network traffic and CPU usage.


The toggle button in the caption enables/disables the realtime preview of the current Capture Engine. When realtime mode is disabled, the toggle button is displayed in red.

The realtime preview is only available with the Capture Web Streaming utility up and running.


Click the toggle button to play the incoming video back in real time in preview window of the corresponding Capture Engine. The realtime mode is indicated with green color of the toggle button.


In case of wrong RTP stream configuration, the realtime preview in Cinegy Capture Web Control is disabled and the toggle button turns gray.

The realtime preview in Cinegy Capture Web Control is supported only under definite RTP stream configuration. Refer to the Preview Settings paragraph for details on the realtime stream preview configuration.