Release Notes

Cinegy Capture PRO is a centralized multi-channel, scalable and cost effective ingest tool using many of the industry-leading components developed for and used by other Cinegy products. Cinegy Capture PRO reinvents the acquisition and transcode process, unifying the material recording and generating edit or web proxies. Cinegy Capture PRO supports many popular industrial codecs and file formats, including ProRes 422, XDCAM HD 422, Avid DNxHD, High-Profile H.264, MXF, MOV, etc.

The power of Cinegy Capture PRO allows users to turn any PC or server with a supported SDI video card into a network-based ingest appliance that can be used from any PC connected to the same network. The new multicam control panel enables customers to use Cinegy Capture PRO as the multicam ingest tool for the synchronous multichannel recording from live studios, in OB vans and at on-site events. Cinegy Capture PRO is a fully "video over IP" compliant and supports RTP/UDP transport streams along with the SDI-based video source.

Cinegy Capture v12 is a next major release of Cinegy Capture family, including a lot of new useful features and important fixes and improvements.

Any feedback or problems should be reported via the Cinegy support e-mail address.

To use GPU offload for H.264 and DANIEL2 encoded mediafiles decoding in Cinegy Desktop, the Nvidia board is required; if other cards are installed - only CPU decoding is possible.

Cinegy Capture 12.2 Release

Cinegy Capture: 12.2

Capture Package Build: 12.2.2968.1389

Release Date: December 19, 2018

This version is compatible with Cinegy Archive Service v10 and v11

Major Improvements

Cinegy Capture Engine

  • fixed MXF and SMPTE timecode mismatch

  • fixed wrong timecode flagged as DropFrame of 25fps related TV formats

Cinegy Capture Control

  • fixed availability of AVID DNxHD encoder LB (8-bit 4:2:2) quality for 1080p formats

  • fixed error in Capture Control settings if unsupported version of Cinegy Route was installed

  • fixed sorting of Capture engines by their names in an ascending order

  • fixed freezing of Instance selection when channels are added to Gang

  • fixed high CPU usage when RTP preview signal is not available or absent

Cinegy Capture Planner

  • added sorting by name for engine/engine group/server collections

Cinegy Capture Manager

  • fixed error in Capture Engine settings if unsupported version of Cinegy Route was installed

  • fixed displaying of Cinegy watermark after switching TV format for Capture Engine via API

  • RTP preview configurator fixes and improvements (some default settings reviewed and corrected)

Cinegy Capture Archive Adapter

  • fixed ingesting to the placeholder

  • fixed wrong OUT timecode value when splitting clips at midnight

  • fixed releasing a license shutdown or reboot

  • fixed appearing of "License lost" error message at the time of license state refreshing

  • fixed error with registration of files in Archive database

Cinegy Capture Installer

  • fixed minor Installer issues

Known Limitations

  • Due to technical limitations recording of H.264 Proxy Avid codec in MXF OPAtom for Standalone mode is temporarily unavailable.

Cinegy Capture 12.1 Release

Cinegy Capture: 12.1

Capture Package Build: 12.1.2881.1362

Release Date: September 12, 2018

This version is compatible with Cinegy Archive Service v10 and v11

Major Improvements

Cinegy Capture Engine

  • added option for ignoring midnight-split

  • fixed possible file naming collision for index files

  • fixed wrong frame order by using B-frames with NVIDIA encoder

  • fixed over-midnight ingest

  • fixed "Cinegy Demo Version" watermark appearance after engine restart

  • fixed possible hangs in the closing session stage if MXF ingest fails

Cinegy Capture Control

  • introduced x64 version of Capture Control

  • fixed blocking control buttons

Cinegy Capture Planner

  • fixed wrong starting time for scheduled recordings

Cinegy Archive Adapter

  • improved Capture Archive Service recovery function

Cinegy Capture 12 Release

Cinegy Capture: 12.0

Capture Package Build: 12.0.2845.1334

Release Date: July 29th, 2018

This version is compatible with Cinegy Archive Service v10 and v11.

Major Improvements


  • introduced Capture Desktop Edition

  • improved Dashboard tab interface and other UI additions in Capture Manager

Cinegy Capture Engine

  • added support for HDR mode

  • added support for AJA Kona IP and Deltacast IP boards

  • added support for SMPTE 2022-6/2022-7 stream

  • added support for NewTek NDI source stream

  • added support for NDI smart discovery mode

  • added DNxHR support for UHD ingest

  • extended the supported DNxHD encoding modes

  • added support of 480 class for XAVC Intra

  • implemented full Cinegy DANIEL2 support - as an ingest source, writing into MXF and in real-time preview

  • optimized DANIEL2 GPU workflow

  • added support for 24 and 23.976 fps

  • added PsF (Progressive segmented frame) mode support for AJA and Deltacast SDI boards

  • added support for 2SI (2 Sample Interleave) mode

  • added support for uncompressed capture into MOV and Y4M containers

  • added support for audio mapping

  • added DF/NDF timecode support for NTSC mode

  • added support for SD NTSC 720x486 mode

  • implemented ingest support into MP4 HEVC files (Nvidia GPU accelerated)

  • implemented downscale for ProRes encoder

  • improved system log

Cinegy Capture Control

  • added ability to configure input device directly from Capture Control

  • added ability to apply the global templates to the Gang group

  • added new macros for engine name and engine label

  • optimized realtime preview (preview latency is reduced)

  • added ability to define the default template per engine

  • implemented templates auto-validation and auto-filtering

  • reworked MPEG2, H264 and HEVC encoders settings forms

  • implemented force decoding on GPU for H264 and HEVC RTP previews

  • introduced various UI improvements

Cinegy Capture Planner

  • improved recurrent recording tasks processing

  • implemented various further minor fixes and improvements