The Cinegy Capture Archive Adapter service allows a user to integrate Cinegy Capture with Cinegy Archive for direct ingest into a centralized asset management system.

The media is recorded to the configured destination in the Cinegy Archive database network shares. The recorded media is registered as Rolls in the Cinegy Archive database and can be instantly used in Cinegy Desktop.


Cinegy Capture Archive Adapter can be controlled from the Cinegy Capture Manager:

The "Archive Adapter" tab is available if both components (Cinegy Capture Archive Adapter and Cinegy Capture Manager) are installed on the same machine.
Cinegy Capture Archive Adapter can be launched as a standalone utility from Start > Cinegy > Cinegy Capture Archive Adapter 64-bit Configurator.

The parameters below indicate the following information:

  • Service status – the current status of Archive Adapter Service. The service status can be "Running" or "Stopped".

  • Synchronization status – the synchronization status of Cinegy Archive Adapter with Cinegy Archive. This status can be "Unknown", "Pending", "Processing" or "Failed". The "Archive Adapter is unavailable" message is displayed until Archive Adapter is properly configured.



Press the "Settings" button to specify the Cinegy Capture Archive Adapter parameters. The following configuration dialog will be launched:


The configuration settings are split into two tabs: CAS settings and Log settings.

CAS Settings

Follow the steps to specify the CAS parameters:

  1. In the "CAS Server" field specify the URL of the machine where Cinegy Archive Service is running.


    Press the "Discover" button for the CAS server URL address to be recognized by the system. If available, the URL address is displayed in the field; otherwise, it is marked as "N/A".

  2. Then define the domain parameters: domain name, login and password.

  3. Press the Archive_adapter_server_browse button next to "SQL server" and select the required SQL server:


  4. Press the Archive_adapter_database_browse button next to "Database" and select the Cinegy Archive database:


  5. In the defined Cinegy Archive database, specify the folder in which the target Roll(s) will be created. To do this, press the Archive_adapter_server_browse button next to the "Root folder" field and browse for the required folder in the explorer tree:


  6. Having defined all settings, the message "Settings are unchecked" will be still displayed, informing that you need to verify the entered data:



    Make sure Cinegy Archive Service is started and press the "Check settings" button to verify your configuration:


    The following status indicator shows that the settings are correct:


    If the configuration validation has failed, the corresponding status will be displayed, indicating invalid settings:

  7. Save the Cinegy Archive Service configuration settings by pressing the "Save" button.

Log Settings

The logging parameters of your Capture Engines can be configured on the "Log settings" tab:


Here specify the following parameters:

  • Logging level – choose between "Debug" for generating a full log, "Normal" for creating a log file containing the error messages only and "None" for no logging;

  • Roll interval – use the drop-down list to specify the frequency of a new log file creation;

  • Max archived files – define the maximum number of log files to be created in the specified "Roll interval" period (0 means no restriction on file number);

  • Roll size – define the value in KB to limit the log file size.

Open log folder_button

To view the created log files folder, press the "Open log folder" button.

All changes will be applied only after the Capture Engines restart.

Service Control

When the connection settings are defined, the Cinegy Capture Archive Adapter service should be started. It can be done by pressing the "Start" button. The service status will be displayed in the corresponding field:


To stop the service, press the "Stop" button.

Alternatively, Cinegy Capture Archive Adapter can be controlled using a standalone utility that can be launched from Start > Cinegy > Cinegy Capture Archive Adapter 64-bit Configurator.
The machine running the Archive Adapter service must have an additional dedicated license (one per server) to enable Archive Adapter service to work.

On the "Archive Adapter" tab, a table containing the information regarding connection to Cinegy Archive Service and other log information (according to the specified logging level) is displayed:

The warning and error logs are highlighted in orange and red respectively.